After many years of research, Dr. Madda and Dr. Phillipo have developed an HCG Diet & weight loss plan that is safe, effective, medically researched and fulfills their commitment to higher health.   This physician supervised HCG Diet program is based on over 60 years of research and clinical trials and can help you shed unwanted weight quickly and safely.  In our own clinic, we have seen consistent and positive results in almost everyone.  The key to success is a combination of the HCG Diet plan, the daily injections of pharmaceutical grade Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) & a few easy and manageable diet and lifestyle changes. We are fully committed to helping you reach your goals through our HCG Diet protocol, as well as educating you on how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off.

The doctors at the Natural Path have seen consistent weight loss results in almost every patient they have approved and helped through the Natural HCG Weight Loss Program.

What is HCG and how does it work with weight loss?

HCG is a peptide naturally produced in large amounts by the placenta during early pregnancy.  It has many functions in utero and is used medically to treat a variety of conditions.  In the 1950’s, it was discovered that the HCG Diet had a special property that triggered the body to mobilize fat and use it for energy.  HCG was thought by Dr. Simeons to work on the hypothalamus of the brain where it encourages the body to release “fixed” or “abnormal” fat stores for fuel. 

In order for the HCG Diet to be effective in burning stored fat, a specific, low calorie diet must be followed.  Most of our patients experience little to no hunger during the program and no lean muscle mass is lost.  Although you are eating a low calorie diet, the HCG is theorized to allow your body to burn on average a ½ to 1 lb. of fat per day which puts 1300 - 2000 calories into your bloodstream to be used.  You are not at a caloric deficit during this time. 

What is the Natural HCG diet?

The Natural HCG diet is a revolutionary diet using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) combined with a low calorie diet of 500 calories per day.  HCG will be taken for a period of 23 or 42 days while observing a strict, food specific, very-low-calorie-diet (VLCD).  While on the HCG Diet, the body begins to use its excess fat stores for fuel.  It is theorized that the hypothalamus gland, the master gland in the brain that controls appetite and fat burning is “reset” leaving you with a new metabolic set-point. 


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How much weight will I lose?

On average, women lose ½ - ¾ lb. per day and men will lose ¾ to 1 lb. per day while on the HCG phase of the program.  If you have a considerable amount of weight to lose it is possible to average weight loss of 1-2 lbs. per day on the program.  In most cases, the weight stays off while healthy eating and lifestyle habits become established. We are here to help our patients maintain their weight loss by guiding them every step of the way through the program.

Does the HCG Diet have any side effects or contraindications?

Most of the HCG Diet side effects are positive … fingernails will strengthen, blood pressure and blood sugar tend to normalize; cholesterol levels lower (but can be harmlessly higher during treatment); arthritis and rheumatoid symptoms will often improve.  Other conditions that we have seen improve with the HCG Diet are colitis, allergies, varicose ulcers, duodenal ulcers, gastric ulcers, psoriasis and migraines.

There are a few conditions in which we take precaution with the HCG Diet.  One of them is a pre-disposition to gallstones. The diet itself could aggravate this problem because of the small amount of fat in the 2nd phase.  Gout symptoms may also become more severe in rare cases.

Is the Natural HCG Diet safe?

The Natural HCG Diet is very safe.  Women experience extremely high levels of HCG during the early months of pregnancy and can be pregnant many times without adverse effects.  The small amount used for weight loss has little to no side effects (see above) on men or women.

Does Everyone Have Positive Results on the HCG Diet?

Most patients will reach their weight loss goals on the HCG Diet Program. We spend a great deal of time educating our patients on how to keep the weight off with specific dietary and lifestyle changes.  Every now and again, we come across a patient who does not seem to lose weight on this program yet this is extremely rare.  Most patients seem to have no problem losing an average of .25 to 1 lb per day while on phase II of the HCG Diet.  The amount of weight you lose really depends upon how much extra fat mass you have to let go of.

Will I Keep the Weight Off After the HCG Diet Program is over?

 HCG Diet Programs that offer the best results to their patients offer a medically supervised program that supports the patient before, during, and after wieght loss  As with any weight loss program,  it would not be difficult to put some pounds back on if you choose to go back to eating some variation of the standard American diet.   The HCG Diet protocol is not a "magic wand" that can remove fat stores forever, reset the hypothalamus, or allow you to eat anything you would like.  After Phase II and Phase III of the HCG Diet, it is important to make significant dietary and lifestyle changes to support your body.  With medical supervision, the HCG Diet can provide a  safe and reliable means to treating obesity.  One of our favorite things about the HCG Diet protocol is that our patients lose the majority of their weight from fat mass and not lean mass. Results are fast and long lasting only if you're willing to make changes to your diet and lifestyle. 

Wouldn’t I lose the same amount of weight eating a very low calorie diet without HCG? Will my metabolism slow down?

Many double blind studies have been conducted that give the answer to this question.  If you just follow the very low calorie diet in phase II of this program and do not use the HCG, you will lose weight.  The problem is, you will be very hungry, tired and most importantly you will be losing muscle and structural fat that we need for protection.  Without HCG in combination with the diet, you will most likely not lose any of the excess fat deposits in the problem areas.  The HCG Diet allows your body to become reshaped or re-sculpted and has not been shown to alter metabolism in a negative way.

What are the costs associated with the program?

Initial HCG DIET Office Visit $265 (includes one week of rx HCG)

The initial office visit is about 1 to 1.5 hours long.  You will meet with Dr. Madda or Dr. Phillipo and they will go through a full medical history and review the HCG Diet Protocol in detail.  At this visit, you will also be analyzed by our state of the art InBody, body composition scanner.  This scan will give us a  detailed  body composition and will help us to realistically set your weight loss goals on the program.  Your body composition will be monitored at different stages throughout the program.  At the time of your initial visit, you will be given our HCG DIET MANUAL as well as an HCG RESULTS TRACKER.  The HCG Diet program will be discussed in detail and uniquely tailored to fit you, your body and your goals. 

Weekly Follow up HCG DIET Program Visit $165 (including prescription HCG)

Each week that you are on the HCG Diet you will have a 1/2 hour follow up visit with Dr. Madda or Dr. Phillipo. Some patients choose to meet every other week. Dr. Madda and Dr. Phillipo makes themselves available to support patients through the process.

Slim Shot Injection (optional) $40

This injection has been shown to assist in fat metabolism and consists of methionine, inositol, choline, B complex and B-12 with carnitine.  We have seen this injection be very helpful to our patients during the HCG Diet process. 


The number of weeks that you stay on the program depends upon how much weight you would like to lose.  Each round of the HCG DIET phase lasts between 23-42 days.
**disclaimer: Although HCG is a prescription medication, it is not FDA approved for weight loss.  *Results are typical but not guaranteed on the HCG Diet. The FDA has not approved HCG for weight loss and states there is no substantial evidence that the HCG Diet  supports better weight loss than with a low-calorie diet.