Cleansing & Detoxification

Dr. Madda and Dr. Phillipo spent many years designing and facilitating a cleansing program called “The 7 day detox.” 

What is “The 7 Day Detox”?

The 7-day detox is designed to be a safe, effective method of clearing unwanted toxins from the body and removing them through our organs of elimination.   The 7-day detox is an easy program to follow even while leading the modern, busy lifestyle.  For 7-days, you will begin to change dietary & lifestyle habits that do not serve your over all health and vitality.  Fresh vegetables and fruits will become the main part of your diet. During the program, you will also include Body Cleanse detoxification powder as well as the liver, blood and bowel cleansing supplements to your regimen.   Your energy will increase and your skin will glow as you begin to detoxify your body.

What does the 7 day detox & cleansing program include?

  • One BODY CLEANSE detox diet to be followed for 7-10 days
  • Nutritional BODY CLEANSE detoxification powder supplement 
  • High-potency BODY CLEANSE capsules
  • Delicious recipe’s and general detoxification guidelines
  • Medical supervision/online group support for the entire duration
  • An opportunity to feel rejuvenated & filled with vitality
  • A jump start to any weight loss plan