Anti-Aging & Age Management Medicine

Let us help you age with grace and vitality ...



Dr. Robert Madda and Dr. Cara Phillipo have taken extensive trainings in the art of Botox and Juvaderm.  They have trained with some of the top doctors in the country to perfect their skills in aesthetic medicine.  These therapies offer aging men and women a refreshed appearance and can soften the lines associated with aging.  Our doctors work with you to create the natural appearance that you are looking for.



Dr. Robert Madda has learned the science of bio identical hormone replacement from the top medical experts in this field over the past 10 years.  His extensive professional development in the field of hormone optimization is the reason he has become sought after by patients from all over the country for treatment.  Dr. Madda is up on the "latest and greatest" in the field of hormone optimization and has become extremely  knowledgable and skilled in  the use of testosterone replacement for both men and women using the testosterone pellet therapy


PLATELET RICH PLASMA (PRP) FACIAL - also known as the "Vampire facial."  This procedure uses the growth factors inside of your very own blood to create deep, lasting skin rejuvenation.  The growth factors in platelet rich plasma can help to initiate the production of both collagen and keratin.  PRP can also help in the creation of new blood vessels which will carry nutrients and oxygen to your skin.  Overall, this facial will help the tone, texture, volume and appearance of your skin.


What happens as we age ...

As we move into our 40's and 50's we begin to notice many changes in our body that have to do with "aging."  May of the changes that we notice are actually due to a shift in hormone levels, changes in metabolism, nutritional defiiencies and a decline in growth hormone. Years of poor diet and lifestyle will also add inflammation to the body and create a more challenging aging process.


After years of study and research, Dr. Madda has learned a multitude of therapies to help the aging process on a physiological level.  Through thorough lab tests and treatment using bio identical  hormone therapy, metablic tuning, diet and lifestyle modifications and nutritional supplements we can see some of the symptoms associated with aging begin to slow down. We also offer treatments in the realms of aesthetic medicine such as the PRP (platelet rich plasma) or "vampire" facial and other fillers and wrinkle reducing treatments.


 At the Natural Path, Dr. Madda works with you to design a comprehensive program to meet your specific needs and goals.

Our Age Management Treatment Protocol may Include:

  • Diet and lifestyle guidance
  • Blood work panels to review levels of nutrients & hormones
  • Bio-identical hormone therapy, including testosterone therapy
  • Specific nutritional supplements as needed
  • Sermorelin therapy
  • Aesthetic treatments using the PRP medical facial procedure, Botox or Juvaderm.

With years of experience, Dr. Robert Madda N.D. & Dr. Cara Phillipo N.D. are both well respected for their knowledge in anti-aging medicine in regards to hormone replacement and aesthetic medicine.

PRP (platelet rich plasma) Medical Facial Procedure

This is a wonderful procedure that can leave your skin looking lighter and brighter and younger all around. 


As we age, many changes can be seen on the face ~ fine lines and wrinkles, decrease in a bright, rosy hue, sunken shape and rough texture.  Ultimately, collagen is decreasing.  This medical face lift procedure is performed by a physician in a medical office.  This facial procedure is unique in that it uses your very own blood elements and a finely tuned instrument that gently "aerates" your skin to allow the growth factors and nutrients in the platelet rich plasma portion of your blood to sink deep into the skin to activate new tissue growth.


In the office, your face is cleansed and prepared while your blood is drawn and spun to to extract the platelets from your blood.  There are 8 growth factors known to be in the platelet rich plasma portion (prp) of the blood that are known to heal injured tissue. These growth factors can sink into the micropores on the face created by the micropen to rejeuveate the skin by causing an increase in collagen and blood vessels.  The result is younger, smoother, softer brighter looking skin.


This is a wonderful treatment for scarring, acne and stretch marks on the skin.


PRP (platelet rich plasma) Rejeuvenating Medical Facial Procedure

As we age, the signs gradually show on our face ~ fine lines and wrinkles appear, rosiness is replaced with a dull hue, and plump cheeks begin to sink in.  This all happens as collagen and blood flow diminish over time.  We have become professionally trained in a medical facial procedure that can bring life and vitality back to your face.


This procedure is known as the PRP (platelet rich plasma) facial or the "vampire facial."  During the procedure, your face is washed, nourished and then prepped with a gentle numbing solution.  While this is being done, your blood is drawn by a physician and spun down to extract the platelet rich plasma layer.  This "magical" substance is then put on your face while the physician uses a micro-pen device to create micro pores in your skin that allow the PRP to seep into deep into  your skin for skin rejeuvenation.


In this facial, your very own platelets are used to rejeuvenate your skin.  Platelets are known to contain 8 growth factors that are often used to heal injured tissue.  These growth factors help to promote collagen production, the growth of new blood vessels and the generation of younger looking skin.


The cost of the PRP Facial is $400 and the effects of the procedure last for 6-12 weeks.


This procedure can also be used to help with scars on the skin, acne and stretch marks  Drastic improvement have been seen with 1-3 treatments.  Each treatment is spaced 6 weeks apart.