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Why I LOVE the Instant Pot for the HCG Diet

April 19, 2017
A delicious beef brisket made in the Instant Pot for some HCG Diet meals
A delicious beef brisket made in the Instant Pot for some HCG Diet meals

Let the Instant Pot be your Game Changer for Cooking on the HCG Diet


Recently, after hearing testimonial after testimonial from friends about the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker (and so much more) I decided to go on Amazon and get one of my own.  Well, this purchase did not disappoint!  I love it!  So far, I have made a whole chicken, chicken breasts, ribs, rice, mountains of vegetables, hard boiled eggs, soup, bone broth and yogurt.  Everything tastes so good! This is the perfect addition for those patients on the HCG Diet who like to cook!  The best part of all is that it is so easy and once the pressure is built up which takes between 5 and 10 minutes depending upon what you are cooking most dishes can be made in 5-30 minutes!


The HCG Diet Chef Benefits from the Instant Pot


This appliance which is 7 appliances in one has earned a permanent place on my counter. I love cooking under pressure. It's fast. It's easy ... and did I mention how delicious everything turns out!  The Instant pot is a game changer!  It is the perfect appliance for busy Mom's like me who prefer to home cook most meals.  I also like to play with the foods on the HCG Diet food list and see what kind of delicious HCG Diet friendly meals I can come up with.  The instant pot is really perfect for this!  It can cook multiple servings of protein and veggies at a time making it an ideal tool for meal preparation!


Some HCG Diet Friendly Instant Pot Meals


Well, the options are endless!  You can cook up some chicken breasts in 12 minutes!  You can perfectly steam some white fish.  Beef is fabulous in the instant pot!  You can make soup using P2 ingredients!  You can steam vegetables in minutes. You can also make a very low fat Greek yogurt (better on phase 3).  Best part is that you can make many servings at a time and then divide it up into containers for quick "grab and go" meals!




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