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When did Gluten become such a Problem?

September 13, 2014
The Problem with Grains & Gluten
The Problem with Grains & Gluten

The Gluten Issue


At the Natural Path, we do a lot of dietary counseling.  With each visit, an HCG Diet patient can expect to gain small tidbits about what a healthy diet consists of and how weight can be maintained. This is not "cookie cutter" for everyone and our recommendations are really based specifically on the person in front of us.  Are all people Gluten intolerant or sensitive?

No ... but, I can say that most people will negatvely react to gluten on some level.  In general, I do recommend that our patients limit gluten and grain intake most of the time.  Of course, food is social and food is fun.  So, on special occasions it is nice to celebrate wth food and let the rigid diet plan go.  It is finding that balance of being healthy, feeling good and satisified with your diet and having the will power to keep processed foods, sugars, many grains and starches to a minimum.


When did Gluten Become a Problem for Humans


The grains that we eat today have very little to no resemblance to those grown by our ancestors 10K years ago.  Ever since Gregor Mendell introduced the mixing of strains to create new types of offspring the grains in our world were ever changed.  Genertcally, we have not changed a whole lot since the time of our caveman ancestors yet our food sources have changed dramatically.  The gluten in today's grains are not well tolerated by humans in general.  Lab studies show that this gluten is very different structurally than the gluten that was found in grains just 50 years ago. 


The Addiciting Potential of Grains


Science has taught us that when we eat a piece of toast for example ... the gluten is broken down in the stomach to become various polypeptides which can then cross the blood brain barrier and bind to dopamine receptors in the brain.  This is the same center that opiates bind to give a sense of being high for a short amount of time.  It has also been shown that when we take grains from people's diets (specifically gluten containing grains) there is a sense of withdrawal just as there are with drugs that are taken away. 


It is very sad that the food industry takes hold of the addicitng power of gluten and adds it to our foods.  Unfortunately, these foods are huge contributors to inflammtion and obesity. 


In general, gluten is addicting and harming the physiology of most all of us on some level.  These foods raise blood sugar, this raises insulin and this creates insulin sensitivity over time and causes an increase in fat storage.


Clean, lean proteins and low starch vegetables with the occasional fruit is the diet that we love!


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