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Using the HCG Diet as a Yearly Cleanse and Reset of Healthy Habits

May 28, 2014
The HCG Diet -- Medically Supervised in  Portland Oregon at The Natural Path
The HCG Diet -- Medically Supervised in Portland Oregon at The Natural Path
The yearly RESET of the HCG Diet

As an HCG Diet facilitator it has come to my awareness that many of my patients come back to the HCG Diet not only to shed a few pounds but also to hit the "RESET" button on dietary & lifestyle habits.  It is human nature in world so abundant with food to over do it from time to time and to fall off of the path of healthy eating and living.  I know in my own life this tends to happen and I would consider my day to day life extremely health conscious.  However, sometimes we need to pull in the reigns and dial into a healthy food plan for a number of weeks. 


The HCG Diet Phase II & Phase III is the Perfect Amount of Time to Create New Habits


It takes some time to make new habits stick. This is the true benefit of the HCG Diet.  Phase II of the protocol is 3-6 weeks long and phase III is 3 weeks long.  This makes for a minimum of  6 weeks where strict eating habits are followed. During this time, there is a great deal of learning that takes place. We learn how delicious clean, lean, organic meat & fish protein sources are as well as delicious, organic vegetables and fruits.  We realize that we really do not need to be eating those carbohydrate filled snacks and sugar laden beverages at all.  It is amazing how a stalk of celery can be so sweet after eating "clean" for a few weeks.  To me ... this is the true benefit of the HCG Diet.  It is a process of learning about ourselves, our eating habits and patterns and our psychology with food. 


Week after week, I have patients tell me "The HCG Diet Program at the Natural Path Changed My Life!"


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