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Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

February 20, 2013

This day in age, we can pretty much have any type of food that we want whenever we want.  Our bodies were not meant to be bombarded with food. It is very important to practice mindfulness when it comes to food and to stay conscious. Otherwise, poor choices can get the best of us and fifty lbs. later and an unclean billof health we regret the choices we made. As part of our Natural HCG Weight Loss Diet, I love teaching patients how to eat to live a healthy life. Here are a few tips.

No processed foods Please while Healthy Grocery Shopping

The first rule of thumb is to travel through the grocery store around the perimeter.  Within all of the isles is generally where all the processed food is.  Choose a grocery store that will provide you with a healthy grocery shoppingexperience. Choose to buy whole foods -- fruits, vegetables, legumes, organic meats. It is best to buy in season. Produce that is in season tends to also be less expensive. If there are staples that you like to have on hand in your home such as nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, etc. it is best to buy them in bulk.  If you cannot find the fresh seasonal produce that you want your second best option would be to buy the organic frozen version. Frozen fruits and vegetables are often flash frozen right after being picked.  Canned vegetables are not a great choice as nothing sitting in a dark can for a long period of time has "vital" nutrients in it anymore.

Healthy Grocery Shopping can also be done in ways that are Gentle on the Pocket Book

Keep your meal planning nice and simple.  Choose to have an apple as a snack over a protein bar. Instead of a fancy loaf of bread go with whole grain brown rice.  Healthy grocery shopping does not need to mean expensive grocery shopping.The only beverage you really need is water.  You can really save money by not purchasing other things to drink. Eat less and you will save more while healthy grocery shopping.  Eat what your body really needs. Sign up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box and support your local farmers.  This is also a nice way to try vegetables that you would not normally purchase while healthy grocery shopping.  Last rule of thumb is to keep it simple and healthy!


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