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Tips for a Healthy Grocery Shopping Routine

November 5, 2013
Healthy, VItal, Nutrient Dense Food. Yum!
Healthy, VItal, Nutrient Dense Food. Yum!

Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

My patients ask me over and over what tips I might have for them when they are at the grocery store.  I love to guide tours through New Seasons with a handful of patients at a time and teach them what healthy staples a wellness kitchen might have.  The basic rule of thumb is to keep things unprocessed and as close to its natural state as possible.  In my kitchen, we always have free range eggs, free range organic meats, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as our base.  


This day in age, we can pretty much have any type of food that we want whenever we want.  Our bodies were not meant to be bombarded with food. It is very important to practice mindfulness when it comes to food and to stay conscious.  I always remind my patients that on a genetic scale, humans are evolving very slowly YET ... we live in a world where everything else is evolving quite fast. 


Mindfulness with eating is key.  It is best NOT to eat if you are not hungry and to stop when you are full.  If you eat mindlessly,  you are likely to gain 30 + lbs. and to be inflammed and not feel so well.  As part of our Natural HCG Weight Loss Diet, I love teaching patients how to eat to live a healthy life.† Here are a few tips.

AVOID most all processed foods from Entering your Grocery Cart

This takes some getting used to but it will really make you feel better if you eat a diet rich in clean, whole foods.  The first rule when entering the grocery store is to avoid the middle and travel around the perimeter.  Processed foods live within the isles (for the most part).    Choose a grocery store that will provide you with a healthy grocery shopping experience.  Choose to buy whole foods -- fruits, vegetables,nuts, seeds, organic meats.  I always try to buy the produce that is in season as it is the freshest and also tends to be the most cost effective.  I also try to buy my staples in bulk and to get foods as locally as I can. 


Frozen vegetables are often not a bad choice if you need something quick.  They are organic and flash frozen.  Always avoid anything canned.  There cannot be a whole lot of vitality in anything that sits in a can on a shelf for long periods of time (my opinion).


Healthy Grocery Shopping does not have to mean lots of $$

Keep it simple!  Go for the raw fruits and veggie snacks over a processed protein bar or chips.  Go for some whole brown rice, vegetables and a nice breast of chicken for dinner.  $ spent on healthy food is $$ well spent.

Water is truly the only beverage that we need to drink.  Cutting out other beverages could save $ on the shopping bill.  Eat what your body really needs. Last rule of thumb is to keep it simple and healthy!  This is the best policy when grocery shopping and wating in general.


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