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The use of the HCG DIet in Treating Obesity

March 31, 2013
Treating Obesity with the HCG Diet
Treating Obesity with the HCG Diet


a double blind study by Leonor E. Ripamonte MD Additional information can be requested at:The HCG Diet Research Clinic

Summary of this HCG DIET STUDY:

There are not very many "good" studied on the HCG Diet to prove its effectiveness.  In my opinion, this probably has a lot to do ith money as most medical studies these days are not done by a third party. 


In thi sstudy, the objective was o assess the validity of the hypothesis that hCG (Human Choriogonadotropin) mobilizes fat from deposits of fat, the authors designed a Double Blind Study performed on obese volunteers.


The result of this study suggests that oral administration of hCG , in the course of a Very-Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD), significantly decreases the total amount of subcutaneous body fat from specific deposits of fat. Since an increased amount of body fat is responsible for the genesis and maintenance of obesity, the authors suggest that hCG may be useful for obesity treatment.Both Placebo and hCG-treated patients were managed with the same Very Low Calorie Diet. hCG-treated volunteers lost more body fat than their Placebo counterparts.

Introduction of the HCG Diet double blind study.

Overall, it was founf that with the HCG Diet obese individuals were shown to lose weight from fat deposits and felt better and changed their body composition.  The placebo group also lost weight but they also lost lean muscle. The HCG Diet group lost weight but kept their lean muscle mass.

What were the Test Parameters for this HCG Diet study

For this study, test parameters included:

Laboratory blood tests before (day 0) and after the study

Subcutaneous weekly fat content assessments performed on different body areas (Skinfold thickness test), using a Lange (Cambridge,Mass) skinfold Caliper

Body Impedance,

 Body circumference reduction in the course of the study.


The HCG Diet study period lasted five weeks. The hCG Diet protocol for the treatment of obesity has been loved and hated for the last 40 years. In 1974, the FDA banned the use of hCG in the US based on a series of studies maintaining that weight loss was similar both in the Placebo and hCG-treated groups.


In our opinion, further studies should be performed to ascertain the unresolved issues in this preliminary report.

We followed patients for a 8 mo. following treatment. A preliminary conclusion can be drawn: At 8 mo. post-treatment, more of the hCG Diet treated patients maintained their weight reduction that their placebo-treated counterparts (p< 0.003).  When hCG Diet treated volunteers where compared to the placebo-treated group regarding their mood during the treatment, the former were less irritable, felt in a better mood throughout the treatment.


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