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The Ugly Truth About Agave Nectar

January 27, 2014
The Agave Plant
The Agave Plant

Agave Nectar is NOT as "sweet" as We Have been Led to Believe


The Agave is a succulent plant much like the aloe plant and it is primarily grown in Mexico.  For years, many have been led to believe that agave is a healthier choice as an alternative sweetener.  I know that I did.  For a couple years, I even recommended Agave nectar in moderation as a sweetener to many of our HCG diet patients once they ended up in phase IV.  Many of us thought that the sap from the leaves was what ended up in our bodies.  The truth is that the nectar does not even come from the leaves but from its large root bulb.  This bulb is pure inulin, a complex carbohydrate that is made of fructose. 


The Problem with Fructose ~ the Main Molecule of Agave Nectar


The method that the starchy root is turned into a nectar of fructose is very similar to the way cornstarch is converted into high fructose corn syrup.  Agave nectar is said to be 70-90% fructose while high fructose corn syrup is 55%.  Fructose in the liver is can be stored as fat and too much fat in the liver leads to insulin resistance.  In 2010, the Glycemic research Institute took agave nectar off of their food list after finding that 5 years of clincial trials showed negative effects on diabetics.


Miel de Agave ~ the Natural "real" Agave Nectar


For those who want to find the "real" agave that is not mostly fructose you are in luck.  Miel de Agave is a molasses like syrup mad from boiling the agave sap.  This agave nectar is natural and less processed.  So, pass on the commerical agave nectar when you see it in the store or in food. 




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