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The Stabilization Phase of the HCG Diet and its Importance

September 4, 2013
Phase III of the HCG Diet is Important
Phase III of the HCG Diet is Important

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HCG Diet Pase 3 Stabilization Phase Summary

  • You begin this phase 48 hours after your last injection of HCG; after 2 VLCD days.
  • This phase will last for 3 weeks
  • You will gradually increase your calories from 500 a day to 1200 – 1500/day
  • You can reintroduce many foods during phase 3 except sugars and starches.
    • Sugars: Anything with 5 grams of sugar or more
    • Starches: Anything with 12 grams of carbohydrates or more
  • You can eat mixed vegetables again
  • You can begin exercising moderately. Increase your exercise gradually.
  •  Monitor your weight every morning before eating. Use a steak day if you go over 2-4 lbs.
Phase 3 of the HCG diet is very important. During this phase you are training your body to accept a healthier nutritional lifestyle. It is extremely important to remain committed! We are here to provide you with a clear path on how to complete the HCG diet without regaining weight. During phase 3 of the HCG diet you will re-introduce many foods to your diet. Review our phase 3 food list handout; some foods are complete no no’s.

Start Phase 3 of the HCG Diet SLOWLY!

This cannot be stressed enough. After the HCG phase, do not fall into this trap of wanting to devour food. Start your P3 very slowly – the recommendation for the first couple of days is to concentrate on P2 foods, just double the protein, mix your veggies and add minimal fats (keep the recommended 2 fruits a day but add variety).Track Your Progress.  Data is very important. Keeping a food journal is essential to maintaining your weight loss. This will not be forever. We highly recommend you at least keep a basic food diary of what you eat in a given day, along with your weight, the change from the previous day and how you're feeling in a few short words for a few weeks. Believe me when I say this will be invaluable to your success. You will learn what effects some foods have on your weight and the way that you feel.Take Action Immediately! As soon as you gain 2 pounds over your LIW, take care of it. Procrastination is your ENEMY. Diligence is your FRIEND. It is what Dr. Simeons advocated and he was right. Look into the different ways of doing “Correction Days”.

HCG Diet Steak Day

A steak day is something you can do to get your body back to its final weight when you were on phase 2, or the 500 calorie a day portion of the diet.
  • Don’t eat anything throughout the day until dinner. Drink only water, coffee, or tea. You may drink as much of those liquids as you like.
  • For dinner in the evening eat a medium size unsalted steak weighing no less than 8 ounces and no more than 14 ounces.
  • Immediately after eating the steak consume a medium sized apple or a tomato.
  • The following morning your weight should be lowered, and be close to the lowest point when you ended phase 2.† This can be done at any time post HCG diet, be it 3 weeks or 3 years.

A Note on Alcohol- Most alcoholic beverages have a very high sugar content. During HCG Diet phase 3 you will want to avoid those beverages. If it has less than 5 grams of sugar per serving, try it. We do encourage you to watch your weight carefully, and if you see a gain you should probably refrain from that alcoholic beverage until you are done with the maintenance phase


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