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The Safety of the HCG Diet for Weight Loss

February 20, 2013

Is the Natural HCG Diet safe? YES! I have been leading patients through this diet as a main part of my medical practice for many years now and I have had very few complications.  I have led over a thousand people through the program and only 2 have had complications with gallstones and 1 had a complication with an ovarian cyst.  Otherwise, this program has shown itself to me to be extremely safe and the results are really amazing. The HCG Diet at the Natural Path in Portland is a springboard into a healthier way of living and eating.The Natural HCG Diet is very safe.  Women experience extremely high levels of HCG during the early months of pregnancy and can be pregnant many times without adverse effects.  The small amount used for weight loss has little to no side effects (see above) on men or women. Many people are initially concerned about the 500 calorie part of the program. With a physiological dose of HCG,  it is said that between 1500-3000 calories are liberated each day from your own fat stores. You are also eating 500 calories on the HCG Diet and therefore are not at a caloric deficit.  We monitor the BIA of our patients to be sure smooth muscle is not lost while on the HCG Diet.

Will the HCG Diet interfere with any medications I am currently taking?

No, HCG at this dose as part of the HCG Diet protocol is not shown to interact with any medications and there are not many side effects other than the potential to aggravate gall bladder issues and gout symptoms in some people.  In some cases, we will discuss the cessation of thyroid and bio-identical hormone use during the program.   At times, when people are on steroid medications or antihistamine medications the weight loss can be slower on the HCG Diet.


Can the HCG Diet Cause Cancer?

NO! HCG is a cancer marker for gestational trophoblastic tumors and some germ cell cancers.  This DOES NOT mean that HCG in your system is a bad thing.  Otherwise, all pregnant women would be afraid their pregnancy would give them cancer. The truth is that HCG has been used to TREAT cancer.   http://tinyurl.com/cancerstudy1 http://tinyurl.cancerstudy2 http://tinyurl.com/cancerstudy3 These links show HCG as being effective in treating breast and prostate cancers.  You can type in the link http://tinyurl/cancerstudy and add the number 1-20 to see the different studies.In our clinical practice, we have found the HCG Diet to be extremely safe for most all of our patients!


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