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The Role of Leptins and the HCG Diet

October 26, 2013
HCG Diet at The Natural Path in Portland, Oregon
HCG Diet at The Natural Path in Portland, Oregon

Leptin is a hormone that is derived from fat and was discovered in 1994.  We know know that fat in the body is considered an organ.    When the body gets hungry, leptin levels drop and when we eat food, leptin levels will rise.  As leptin rises, it allows fat cells to make ATP (energy for the body).  As we eat more food, EACH fat cell stimulates leptin to be released which helps fat cells break down to make ATP for the body. As blood sugar begins to rise and the body no longer is in need of more fuel -- hunger will subside and we can stop eating. Similar to insulin, leptin levels go up and down in response to blood glucose. Leptin is known to influence the thyroid, hunger, fat metabolism and fat gain.


The problem is .... that many of us have lost that signal to STOP eating when our body is feeling back to balance.  Now, we have created more energy via ATP than the body can use and this causes fat gain.  When you bring together too much ATP with an abundance of leptin due to overeating you create MORE fat cells.  This has to do with the fact that very high leptin levels switch on PPAR gamma -- the master control switch for fat storage.



Fat Cells and Leptin

The more fat cells one has, the more leptin is produced in response to a food stimulus.  Therefore, a person with more fat stores will be supplied with enough leptin to raise the blood sugar when hungry on fewer calories than a person with less fat stores.  In my experience with leading the HCG Diet in Portland, Oregon most people who are overweight actually experience less physiological hunger than those who are smaller.  They may experience more psychological hunger and that is where the HCG Diet can be a rehabilitation program from this behavioural problem.


The relationship between Leptin and HCG in the HCG Diet Protocol

Based on research that I have read, I believe that HCG is a stimulator of leptin. I believe this is why the thyroid stays active and patients are not hungry throughout the HCG Diet protocol.  It is the energy demand of the protocol (500 calories) as well as the way that HCG influences the hormone leptin that allows the body to breakdown fat stores and act as if it were not hungry.  In our careful analysis of the BIA of patients on the program we found that little to no lean muscle is ever lost on the HCG Weight Loss Protocol.


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