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The Positive Effects of the HCG Diet go far Beyond Weight Loss

April 29, 2014
Healthy Snacks on the HCG Diet and Beyond
Healthy Snacks on the HCG Diet and Beyond

The HCG Diet offers our patients an abundance of learning.  Learning about how food affects our body, our joints, our skin, our energy, our mood, our motivation and almost every aspect of being. After following a very "clean" diet on phase II and phase III of the HCG Diet you have put yourself through a very deep cleanse for 6-9 weeks.  A lot can happen to your body in that time.  We often hear:


"The HCG Diet helped my skin to clear up."

"My vision improved with the HCG Diet."

"My joint pain is gone with the HCG Diet."

"My fingernails are stronger with the HCG Diet."

"My mood, motivation and inspiration are better with the HCG Diet."


As you can see, weight loss is usually the reason that people go through the HCG Diet, yet, there are so many other positive side effects.  These other beneficial changes that patients experience happen due in part to a very clean diet free of processed foods, allergenic foods and sugars. 


As a physician, I love leading patients through the HCG Diet.  I have been doing this for many years now and I am deeply inspired by the changes that take place in my patients lives.  The HCG Diet is a springboard to great health and is a wonderful way to learn the steps to eating a very healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle.  These positive changes of learning how to eat well, sleep enough and get daily exercise has the ability to chnage the way that you feel and the way that you age.



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