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May 7, 2015
The Power of Paleolithic Living and Eating
The Power of Paleolithic Living and Eating

The Big Paleo Diet Picture


When we go into the phase III stabilization phase of the HCG Diet with our patients, we let them know that it is essentially a paleo-esque diet that they are following for those 21 days. I also like to emphasize that it is actually a very healthy way to eat as a maintenance lifestyle diet 90% of the time, with the other 10% being those times that you head out to have fun with food, let your guard down and enjoy. 


We have to remember that on a genetic level, we are still very much like our caveman ancestors. The modern conveniences of today, have evolved at a much faster rate than the human genetics.  In our fast paced society, we like to run into the store to grab a box of cereal, milk, toast, orange juice, etc.  All of this stuff is easy, simple and PROCESSED in some way or another.  The Paleo lifestyle is an attempt to get human beings back to eating in a more functional way for our bodies.  The basics are to avoid processed foods & skip the grains, processed dairy and meats products. 


What Foods are Okay on the Paelo Diet

I encourage my patients to ask themselves:  "Was this food around in the paleolithic time?"  If it was available back then, the premise is that it is a functional food for your genetics in a very basic way.  Now, you could take this to far deeper levels with food sensitivities, FOD MAP Diet, GAPS Diet, food combining, etc.  This is really just to show the basic nuts and bolts of what our paleolithic ancestors ate.  Go for grass fed-meat, fresh fish, clean-organic vegetables, organic-fruits and small amounts of nuts, seeds, honey and chocolate.


Paleo Lifestyle Changes to Compliment the Paleo Diet


Alongside the foods on the paleo diet, you will also want to remember to eat in moderation. This does not mean measuring your food portions or counting calories. This simply means eating when you are hungry and stopping when you feel full. This is the most simple premise ever.  When you can notice the difference in wanting to eat when you are actually ungry rather than bored you have made a huge accompishment.  Food is simply way too available in these times. Way back when, these foods were only available in limited quantities.


A few other nice changes would be to have your sleep and wake cycles match that of the sun.  Seemingly unrealistic for many in this day of the "modern-busy lifestyle" but still a nice goal to set.  Getting proper exercise is another key feature to a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies were meant to move and daily exercise is key!


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