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The Paleo Diet after the HCG Diet Weight Loss Protocol

October 18, 2013
Get the weight off with the HCG Diet and maintain your weight loss with the Paleo Diet
Get the weight off with the HCG Diet and maintain your weight loss with the Paleo Diet


 After the HCG Diet Program has ended, we recommend that our patients follow the Paleo Diet 80% of the time. This is a wonderful diet that will bring greater vitality and maintain optimal weight. The premise behind the paleo diet is that we, as a species, aren’t meant to eat the diets that we have eaten for the past 10,000 years.  Because of this, we should be eating like hunters and foraging for nuts, fruits, and vegetables, just like cavemen did before societies switched to agriculture.  This may sound limiting but given the various things you CAN eat, this diet could please virtually any palate.

What you Cannot Eat on the Paleo Diet or post HCG Diet

The hard part of this diet is what you CAN’T eat. It will be an adjustment for anyone used to eating processed foods. No milk….no sugars….no breads….nothing processed….nothing that can’t be found in it natural state in the environment. The creator of the paleo diet believes that not only will these things make us fat. They will also make us unhealthy and age poorly.  He also believes that there is a link between some growing modern day diseases and our diet. Our bodies metabolize sugars and refined products like wheat differently than they do with fresh fruit and vegetables. Added chemicals just further aggravate the situation, increasing the chances of inflammation. This, in turn, could be what causes arthritis.In fact, many people who have been on this diet for even just a month, have seen their blood pressure drop, their cholesterol levels return to normal, and have experienced greater energy.

The Paleo Diet- But can you maintain your ideal weight? Can you maintain your weight loss from the HCG Diet?

The question that you are most concerned with is can you maintain your weight or perhaps even lose a little more? Without using any preserved foods and grains you can rest assured that your body will feel really fabulous on this program.


Our patients LOVE the paleo diet and those that follwo it 80% of the time rarely gain any of the weight back that was lost during the HCG Diet protocol.  If you could make the Paleo Diet your lifestyle after the HCG Diet you will lead a brighter and healthier life.


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