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February 26, 2014
We Love helping People lose weight  through the safe & very effective HCG Diet
We Love helping People lose weight through the safe & very effective HCG Diet


What is HCG? What is the HCG Diet and how does it thought to work with weight loss?


These are very commonly asked questions in regards to the HCG Diet used for weight loss.


HCG is a peptide naturally produced in large amounts by the placenta during early pregnancy.  It has many functions in utero and is used medically to treat a variety of conditions.  In the 1950’s, it was discovered that the Natural HCG Diet had a special property that triggered the body to mobilize fat and use it for energy.  HCG was thought by Dr. Simeons to work on the hypothalamus of the brain where it encourages the body to release “fixed” or “abnormal” fat stores for fuel. When a person becomes overweight, these “abnormal fat” deposits are not available to be used by the body for fuel ~ making it extremely difficult to lose weight.

The "diet" is a crucial part of the HCG DIET

In order for the Natural HCG Diet to be effective in burning stored fat, a 500-800 calorie per day diet must be followed. Only when the fat which is in transit from the effects of the HCG is consumed by the body can more fat be withdrawn from the fixed deposits. As the fat is mobilized and used for fuel, hunger decreases in spite of the drastically reduced intake of food.  Although you are eating a low calorie diet, the HCG is theorized to allow your body to burn on average a pound of fat per day which puts 1300 - 2000 calories into your bloodstream. Your body is not in starvation mode during this time.

Learn more about the HCG DIET at The Natural Path Weight Loss Clinic in Portland, Oregon

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We would love to help you set your best foot forward and lose weight and become healthier with our HCG Diet program.


Disclaimer HCG is a drug which has not been approved by the food and drug administration as safe and effective in the treatment of obesity or weight control.


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