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The Many Phases of the HCG DIET Program Portland

September 27, 2017
The HCG Diet has Great Weight Loss Success and Keeps Metabolism Strong!
The HCG Diet has Great Weight Loss Success and Keeps Metabolism Strong!

The Phases of the HCG Diet Program

The HCG Diet has 3 phases and each hold a very special importance to the overall effectiveness of the weight loss program. At The Natural Path, we guide our patients each step of the way through each phase of the program.  Here is an in depth look at each of the phases on the HCG Diet Program!  We have had great success in helping over 2000 people lose weight through this process.


Phase one of the HCG Diet is known as the "loading phase." This phase lasts for 2 days. On this phase, we encourage our patients to load up on healthy, high fat foods. Also on this phase of the HCG Diet program, you will begin your Rx HCG Diet injections. The main purpose of the loading phase is to build up the HCG in your system to the point where it begins to turn over your fat stores for fuel and also to fill your fat stores ... this makes your body feel "safe" when you jump into the Phase 2 or the low calorie part of the HCG Diet Program! Patients who do not do phase 1 correctly end up feeling quite hungry the first week of the HCG Diet Program. In general, patients find this phase to be quite enjoyable.


PHASE 2 of the HCG Diet Protocol


Phase two of the HCG Diet can range between 21 and 60 days. On average, most patients do this phase of the program for 35-42 days. It is during phase two of the HCG diet that calories are restricted and the specific HCG Diet phase 2 food outline must be followed. On this phase, there are not fats coming in from outside of the body. Although healthy fats are one of my favorite food groups, we leave them out on phase 2 of the HCG Diet as this is a unique opportunity for you to use your own fat stores for fuel.

Phase 3 of the HCG DIET Program

The third phase of the HCG Diet is generally 3-4 weeks long. This is also known as the "stabilization" phase. I have clinically found that patients who follow this part of the program as directed maintain their weight loss on phase 2 much easier than those patients who do not follow a strict phase 3 protocol. This is the part of the plan where the hypothalamus of the brain registers your last injection weight (within a few lbs.) as your new "set point."
requires a few additional weeks on the program, and is known as the stabilization phase, in which you don't inject anymore of the hormone, but you still weigh yourself daily and slowly increase your caloric intake while making sure your weight loss either continues or stabilizes.

The HCG Diet as a Teacher

The HCG diet helps with weight loss, however, more importantly, it teaches the discipline needed to make lifestyle and diet changes. It is a springboard to a healthier version of YOU!


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