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The HCG Diet Portland Shines for Those who have Tried To Lose Weight For Years without Success

April 6, 2014
Ready, Set ... Lose some weight with the HCG Diet
Ready, Set ... Lose some weight with the HCG Diet

Are you needing Assistance with Shedding some Weight?  If so, The Natural Path Medically Supervised HCG Diet can help you!


At the Natural Path, our two Naturopathic physicians have co-designed an amazing hcg diet & weight management program that has helped thousands of patients to lose that extra weight.  As an added bonus, this program has also helped many patients lower their cholesterol levels and control their blood pressure without the use of medications.  


How does our HCG Diet Program Work?


At The Natural Path HCG Diet Portland,  each patient starts with a comprehensive evaluation of labs (if needed), past medical history, weight loss goals and body composition analysis.  A personalized solution utilizing the HCG Diet is prescribed that may include minimally invasive, fat burning injections to help stimulate your metabolic rate as well as a very low calorie diet and weight loss plan known as the Natural Path HCG Diet.  Each week that you are on the program, you will have an individualized weekly follow up visits with Dr. Madda or Dr. Phillipo; nutritional counseling throughout the program; 24/7 support via email, text or phone while under our care on the HCG Diet; Lipotropic injections to increase and speed up the removal of fat in the body and to also prevents excessive fat buildup. When your goal is reached, appropriate weight maintenance programs will be prescribed and followed. We follow our patients through phase IV to be sure they are able to maintain proper eating habits!  The results truly can be life changing!



*Disclaimer: HCG is not approved by the FDA for weight loss


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