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The End of the HCG Diet Phase III ~ the Experience of Dr. Cara

January 8, 2014
My Experience of Phase III on the HCG Diet
My Experience of Phase III on the HCG Diet
The HCG Diet & Weight Loss Protocol at The Natural Path 


Well, the whole experience of this HCG Diet Protocol has been AMAZING!  Dr. Robert Madda and I designed this program and have facilitated this really wonderful and effective weight loss program for many years!  It has been a true joy to be able to watch peoples lives transform through this program right before my very eyes.  The transformation goes way beyond weight loss and creates a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise for the long term (most of the time).  This program gives our patients self confidence and helps them conquer battles of emotional eating.  This program changes lives!


Phase III of the HCG Diet is the New Norm for Dr. Cara


My experience with it was one that I am very grateful for.  My eating habits were already fairly stellar.  Snacking to me would consist of Udi's gluten free cinnamon raisin bread with almond butter.  Through the past 6 weeks, I have had no sugars (other then apples, oranges, pears and blueberries) and no grains of any kind.  In phase III, I had a few nuts here and there; maybe 15/week.  I learned that I LOVE eating simple.  I learned that my body loves protein.  I learned that I want to eat as if I am on phase III of the HCG Diet most all of the time.  This is truly a great diet for me and I consider it to be functional eating.


Moving into Phase IV of the HCG Diet or the Maintenance Phase


As I move into the maintenance phase of the HCG Diet, I ask myself what I will be doing differently than I am right now.  The answer ... not very much.  I love this way of eating.  I will no longer eat scraps of organic, grain laden food off of my kids plates.  I might have a bit of this or that here and there but I see how grains really are not necessary for me to eat.  I love protein and vegetables.  I feel great. I feel light.  I am so thankful for this process to RESET.  I will make this a yearly cleanse and reset protocol for me.  The HCG Diet is way beyond a weight loss program ... it is a wellness program.


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