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Testosterone Pellet Therapy in Portland, Oregon

April 16, 2014
Dr. Madda N.D. has done hundreds of hormone pellet insertions
Dr. Madda N.D. has done hundreds of hormone pellet insertions

What is Testosterone Pellet Therapy


Dr. Robert Madda N.D. has a strong passion for balancing hormone leves in patients who have a physiological need for this treatment.  After years of prescriing injections, creams and oral preparations Dr. Madda learned about the testosterone pellet that could be used as a bio-identical hormone therapy. 


The testosterone pellet is a small rice or "tic tac" sized capsule that is compounded at a reputable compounding pharmacy and placed through a very minor surgical procedure in the upper buttocks.  The wonderful thing about this therapy is that it can be used for both men and women and the results we have had in our clinical practice are really amazing. 


Who is a Candidiate for the Testosterone Pellet Therapy in Portland, Oregon


At the time of the first visit, we require our patients to have blood work done.  After careful review of the blood work, past medical history and current symptoms we can decide who is a candidate for this therapy.  Most often, we treat men and women going through or in andropause/menopause.  The most common symptoms of this diagnosis is hot flashes, night sweats, memory fog, lack of energy, low libido, insomnia and weight gain. 


Why is the Testosterone Pellet Beneficial

The testosterone pellet really shines in the sense that it delivers a steady, consistent dose of hormone over time.  Often, with creams and injections we have a roller coaster effect of hormone secretion that can result in ups and downs with mood and energy.  With the testosterone pellet, there is no need to remember to do anything on a daily basis.  The pellet lasts for 3-4 months and can be reinserted by your physician as long as follow up blood work has been completed.  The Testosterone pellet  is also very pure as it is compounded using bio-identical hormones and does not use fillers or binders as do many creme and injectable preparations.  The dosage of the hormone pellet is uniquely tailored to each patient and their physiology.  


The Testosterone Pellet has been in use as a hormone therapy since 1935 and therefore has almost 80 years of clinical experience behind it.


To learn more about Testosterone Pellet Therapy Portland please visit our website at www.naturalpathmed.com


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