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Strawberries, Strawberries, Strawberries - A True Delight from Mother Nature

May 24, 2016
The many uses of Strawberries - a fabulous treat on the HCG Diet
The many uses of Strawberries - a fabulous treat on the HCG Diet

Strawberry Goodness -- a Pacific North West Delight

I am not one who indulges in sugar very often and only on occasion do I go for fruit.  However, this time of year, I make an exception for the Hood strawberries. They are truly divine.  Strawberries are one of life's simple pleasures this time of year and in the NW we are blessed with the best! 


Strawberries have a lot of great health benefits as well!  They are a lower glycemic fruit and in small amounts they are allowed on the HCG Diet Protocol as long as you have less than 1 cup daily.


Strawberries Love Your Body

If you consume 1 cup of strawberries, you have gotten the RDA level of Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is one of my very favorite nutrients for boosting immunity, keeping eyes healthy, increasing collagen production and they have constituents which even protect against UV-B rays.  Strawberries are also high in folate (21 mcg per serving).  Strawberries are quite rich in antioxidants such as lutein, zeathancins and ellagic acid. I like foods high in antioxidants as they help to protect us against free radicals which can seriously damage our cells. In lab testing, strawberries have been shown to reduce CRP ( C-reactive protein) which keeps inflammation in our bodies lower.

In my practice, I advocate my patients to be aware of fruit intake and to choose fruits lower on the glycemic index chart.  Strawberries are low in sugar and high in fiber. Strawberries are even great for cleaning your teeth! 


Who would have known these beautiful little berries could do all of these powerful things for us!

Practical Tips for Strawberries in the Kitchen

When buying strawberries, make sure you go for local, organic and wild varieties.  They are a lot more flavorful.  Non organic strawberries are usually genetically modified AND they are on top of the dirt dozen list for being heavy in pesticide residues.  

Wash your berries as you eat them. Strawberries will hold water and if you wash them and then let them sit they will actually rot faster.

Keep the stems on the berries to make them last longer.  If you freeze strawberries like I do this time of year for smoothies, you can just leave the tops on. They just add extra nutrients and have no flavor.


Basil & Strawberry Infused Water

1 liter or 30 oz of pure water; add ic up sliced strawberries; add 2 tbsp chopped basil and a small orange sliced.  Let sit for about an hour and then enjoy!


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