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So, you cheated on your HCG Diet Program?!

March 27, 2017
When you keep the cheats at Bay the Pounds drop away on the HCG Diet Program!
When you keep the cheats at Bay the Pounds drop away on the HCG Diet Program!

Cheating on the HCG Diet Protocol ... What to do Next!

"Oh, no!  I cheated!  What will happen now,"  this is a common question that my HCG Diet  patients ask me on their program. The real answer is "your human, be gentle with yourself and hit the reset button to move forward with the plan!"


If your very lucky and if the cheat was fairly minor (which means it did not impact blood sugar too much) you might have absolutely nothing happen ... no loss and no gain and it all goes as planned.  The most common thing to have happen is a small gain of a few tenths of a lb and weight loss resumes the next day.  In some cases, you will lose weight the day after the cheat and stall the following day. Worst case scenario is that the cheat causes you to stall for a few days.


Can A Cheat on the HCG Diet be "Fixed"

Cheats on the HCG Diet program can not necessarily be "fixed."  However, clinically, I have seen that adhering to the program as strict as you can for 2 days post cheat is a good way to go. Many of my patients will let go of the fruit and just go for the protein and veggies for a couple of days!  Also, be sure that you are drinking plenty of water. I like to recommend 2-4 liters each day on the program.  The apple day after a cheat does not seem to be as effective as a couple days of protein and veggies from the HCG Diet phase 2 food list!


Why is it Best not to Cheat on the HCG Diet Program?


Unlike many other weight loss programs, cheating on the HCG Diet has  a strong impact on the program. The HCG Diet is a hormonally based diet.  In many cases, a cheat can lead to a stall of 2-5 days.  If you continue to cheat once per week on this program, you might not gain but you will most likely not lose very much either. If you can stick with the program as outlined, you will have much better results than someone who cheats here and there.  The first week is the heardest and after that, the body gets into a groove with it. Give it your ALL y'all!



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