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Sleep is Important for Weight Loss and Weight Loss Maintenance

January 17, 2017
Good Sleep Patterns Can Help With Weight Loss and Maintenance after the HCG Diet
Good Sleep Patterns Can Help With Weight Loss and Maintenance after the HCG Diet

Getting Enough Sleep Can Promote Weight Loss


It is well known that diet, exercise, hormones, stress and of course genetics have an impact on our weight. There is also some significant evidence that sleep can play a role as well.  I ask all of my HCG Diet patients to commit to working on sleep patterns during their weight loss program.

In my own life and medical practice, I have begun to   emphasize the requirement of sleep.  Of course, some people need more than others. I feel that a solid 7-9 hours is adequate for most people.

Sleep and the Adrenal Glands

Sleep helps our adrenal glands to stay optimized.  Our adrenal glands help to modulate how we react emotionally to our environment.  The adrenal glands are the ones that produce stress hormones in the body. Stress hormones are known to cause weight gain, especially in the belly!

Emotional distress and fatigue often lead to poor dietary habits and a lack of exercise!  Stress also leads people to desire caffeine and alcohol and also causes water retention in our bodies. 

Good Sleep Patterns and Weight Management

The latest literature has been showing a significant correlation between healthy sleep patterns and maintaining weight loss.  Other studies,  show a correlation with short sleep duration and obesity.

I encourage my HCG Diet patients to pay closer attention to their biological clocks and get into a better rhythm with sleep.  I have actually seen positive changes in my patients clinically with improved and enhanced sleeping patterns.




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