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Preparation is a BIG Key for being Successful on the HCG Diet

May 21, 2014
Preparing for the HCG Diet
Preparing for the HCG Diet

Preparation for the HCG Diet


We all know that being prepared is one of the keys that can help make life in general flow smoother.  When it comes to the HCG Diet, PEPARATION IS KEY!!  WIth a limited food list, it is actually easier to prepare ahead of time for your meals.  For lunch and dinner on the HCG Diet, you are eating an allowed protein, an allowed vegetable and an allowed fruit.  I recommend to my patients to have a few days worth of meals in containers in the fridge along with little bags of cut cucumber, celery sticks, apple slices, red or green pepper slices, etc.  When hunger strikes, you can go and find food that is all prepared and ready to be eaten. 


When we get the first twinges of hunger, we really only have between 10-20 minutes before that hunger can lead us to eating the wrong foods in large quantities.  I advise my HCG Diet (and all) patients to eat a little something every time they feel that sensation of true hunger kick in. Having food already prepared makes you one step ahead ... especially when you cannot just go out and grab anything you like at a restaurant or off of a store shelf.


Simple Tips to Prepping for the HCG Diet


It is the little things that matter when preparing for the program. 

Be sure you go shopping and have plenty of HCG Diet friendly food options in the house.  Purchase a few flavors of Stevia drops to add to mineral water for a special treat.  Have some HCG Diet friendly protein powder on hand if you need some quick bio available protein.  Be sure to have some chicken breasts, white fish and lots of HCG Diet friendly fruits and vegetables ready to go. 


Measure out your food portions and place them in separate containers.  if you really want to get ahead you can cook a few servings of meat/poultry/fish in 3.5 ounce pieces and put into containers with 2 cups of an approved HCG Diet veggie.  This will be a "grab and go" lunch and dinner. Cut up cucumber, bell pepper, apple, strawberries, cabbage, celery sticks, etc to have on hand as a snack during the day.  Have your water bottles filled.


Another helpful tip is to check in daily with why you are doing the HCG Diet.  This will help you to stay motivated and inspired to get to that new goal weight and to adopt these new healthy principals into your life.


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