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Post HCG Diet - Normal Caloric Intake is Needed for Optimal Metabolism

February 1, 2016
A Healthy Caloric Intake is Needed for Optimal Metabolism Post HCG Diet
A Healthy Caloric Intake is Needed for Optimal Metabolism Post HCG Diet


Cutting Calories Post HCG Diet or anytime is not Recommended


While on phase II of the HCG Diet, the body is in a unique state where the HCG is helping the body to turn over between 1500 and 3000 calories daily while following a very specific phase II HCG Diet food plan. It is for this reason, that metabolism does not slow down while taking in only 500 (ish) external calories.

After the second phase of the HCG Diet is over, we transition into the 21 days of the phase III HCG Diet protocol.  At this time, we encourage patients to eat an optimal caloric intake depending upon their unique body composition and life style. 


What Happens Metabolically when Calories are Low in the Body


If your caloric intake is not high enough for the body to feel "sound" it will slow metabolic functions down to conserve energy usage.  This is a smart, efficient, life sustaining reaction of the body.  The main decrease comes from lower levels of thyroid hormones -- T3 and T4.  I am convinced that their is a lot more to learn about this topic ... but, as for now, LEPTIN is the hormone responsible for suppressing the thyroid and therefore metabolism during periods of starvation.  Leptin is the hormone released from the hypothalamus in the brain that signals when we are fed or hungry.  If you are hungry, leptin levels become low and therefore the brain decreases the body's ability to use fat for fuel.  Leptin lowers the thyroid releasing hormone in the brain which then acts on the thyroid to slow it down to ultimately conserve energy and balance the metabolism.  SO, if you decide to cut your calories to be under what the body needs, you will be doing your metabolism a dis-service!


HCG and Leptin levels


From the research that I have read and articles put out buy Robin Woodall we can see that while on phase II of the HCG Diet, leptin levels do not fall too low and therefore, metabolism is not hindered despite the low calorie intake.  Post program, we have our HCG Diet patients eat a normal caloric intake of organic, protein and vegetables and some fruits and most patients will continue to lose 1-3 lbs in the 21 days of phase III.  I look forward to more research on the HCG Diet and leptin levels. I do believe their is a direct correlation here.



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