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Plateau Breaker on the HCG Diet ... The Apple Day

July 17, 2013
Break your HCG Diet Plateau with the Apple Day!
Break your HCG Diet Plateau with the Apple Day!

The "apple day" plateau breaker on the HCG Diet

 At some point on the HCG Diet, many of our patients will hit a plateau.  This is always a point of frustration for many of our patients on the HCG Diet.  Once the plateau continues on for 2 days or more, we recommend the "apple day" to help break the stall in weight loss on the HCG Diet.  Dr. Simeons created the apple day to help rid the body of excess water. The way to follow the apple day  is to consume 5-6 apples and water ONLY from lunch one day until lunch the next day.  Often, this will help to resolve a plateau on the HCG Diet and allow the weight loss to resume incrementally.  

THE "APPLE DAY" 6 apples and water ONLY; during 24 hours, from lunch one day to lunch the next day. 


Perhaps, you ate a little extra fruit, mixed vegetables or cheated while following the Diet. Any kind of "cheat," while following this diet can impact the results and cause a stall for 2-3 days. The "apple day" is an important piece of the HCG Diet and is used to help break plateau's or stalls in weight loss.

Behind The HCG DIET "Apple Day"

The apple day of the HCG Diet begins at lunch one day and continues until lunch the following day.  During this 24 hour period, you will consume only water and 5-6 small apples.  In most cases, weight loss will resume again the following day. This is due to the fact that the apple day of the HCG Diet helps to eliminate the retention of water.  As patients lose abnormal fat reserves on the HCG Diet, the spaces can become filled with water.  The "Apple day" is a wonderful way to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract. Water is an important part of this process as it helps to flush the body of excess water retention and toxins.

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