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Physician Directed Medical Weight Loss with the HCG Diet

May 17, 2013
Lose those stubborn pounds and keep them off!
Lose those stubborn pounds and keep them off!

PHYSICIAN Directed HCG Diet and Weight Loss &  in the Portland Oregon Metro area

 Physician Directed HCG Weight loss in Portland, Oregon 


We at Natural Path realize that weight reduction isn't as simple as “calories in and calories out.” Our method of weight reduction is specific for you and it is customized to your physiology. Dr. Madda examines you via bloodwork and recent health history and also searches for underlying health problems that may lead to challenges in maintaining a proper weight. The main focus at the Natural Path isn't just in your weight, but instead in your all around health. Dr. Madda is an experienced naturopathic physician and a medical weight loss specialist.  Dr. Madda has got the understanding and tools to tailor a course to your requirements, to ensure weight reduction and much more important, to maintain it.  The Natural Path HCG Weight Loss Program is one of a kind. You will find no "magic" pills, no fast “miracle” diet that may slow your metabolic process and worsen your metabolism later. Rather, we teach you ways to handle your personal weight and we offer ongoing support.

The Natural Path HCG Weight Loss Protocol

The Natural Path and Dr. Madda create a protocol similar† from the Hcg weight loss & diet protocol of Dr. Simeon’s. This Natural HCG weight loss  program combines this effective weight reduction protocol with hormone balancing. We evaluate your preliminary blood work to be certain that you're a good candidate for our program. We particularly address individual preferences, diet, lifestyle, and triggers and individualize the weight loss protocol. This guarantees not just great results, but great long-term results.

Learn about Natural HCG Weight Loss

Come learn ways to finally have long-term success with HCG weight loss, but your long-term health. 


NOTE: HCG isn't authorized by the Food and drug administration to lose weight. However, natural Hcg Diet Protocol has been utilized securely and effectively in 1000's of patients. It's not for everybody and also the protocol should be adopted strictly as recommend. Start the Protocol Now!!   Call 503-347-4625 to plan your FREE 15 min. phone talk to Dr. Madda 


Disclaimer: HCG is really a drug which is not authorized by the fda as effective and safe in treating weight problems or weight loss. There's no substantial evidence that HCG increases weight reduction beyond that caused by caloric restriction, it leads to a more appealing or “normal” distribution of body fat, or it decreases the hunger and discomfort connected with calorie-limited diets.HCG Weight Loss Diet† has been very effective in most of our patients


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