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Obesity and your Health -- how the HCG Weight Loss Diet can Help

July 24, 2013
Lsoing weight feels great and the HCG DIet has helped so many do this.
Lsoing weight feels great and the HCG DIet has helped so many do this.

Obesity and Your Health — the Natural HCG Diet can help

The Natural Path weight loss clinic in Portland Oregon is a place to come to help with weight loss in a safe, effective and healthy way!  Quite apart from the fact that your body will be in better shape if you lose weight, there are many other health issues that will benefit from a reduction in body fat .The Natural HCG Diet facilitated by Dr. Madda & Dr. Phillipo at the Natural Path can help you! 

Conditions of Obesity that can be helped with the HCG Diet

Diabetes and the HCG Diet
Diabetes is one of the most obvious areas of concern with overweight people with a large number of the population suffering from diabetes and the related health problems that this disease can bring with it. Many people are unaware that diabetes is the leading cause of blindness and is also a major cause of kidney disease. In addition to this, diabetes increases your chance of having heart disease and suffering from a stroke by almost 400%. In men it can also cause erectile dysfunction. W e have seen these improve after following the HCG Diet.
High Blood Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure and the HCG Diet
High Blood pressure and High cholesterol are also prevalent with people who are overweight. We have seen these improve with the HCG Diet.
Snoring and the HCG Diet
If you are overweight, you are predisposed to Snoringat night because the fatty tissue at the back of your throat will obstruct your breathing passage when you are lying down and due to this you won’t be getting good quality sleep and your energy levels will be reduced accordingly. Losing even a small amount of body fat can reduce your snoring quite considerably and the benefit from getting better quality sleep at night is you will have a lot more energy.† We have seen this improve after the HCG Diet.

Being over tired also tends to make most people want to eat more food in an attempt to boost energy levels and this only adds to your weight problems so as you can see all these little steps assist each other to help optimize your overall health and well-being. Even a small reduction in body fat can have quite a substantial effect on your overall quality of health and it will also help to reduce the possibility of you suffering from other diseases later in life. Try the Natural HCG Diet. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Learn more about Natural Weight Loss and our HCG Diet

 To schedule a NATURAL HCG Diet Weight Loss consultation with us give our office a call 503-347-4625 

Disclaimer HCG is a drug which has not been approved by the food and drug administration as safe and effective in the treatment of obesity or weight control.


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