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New Additions to our HCG Diet Phase II Menu at The Natural Path

April 2, 2014
HCG Diet Lettuce Wraps with Ground Turkey
HCG Diet Lettuce Wraps with Ground Turkey

After a few years of brief clinical trials we have decided to add broccoli, calulifower, red and green bell pepper, mushrooms, water packed tuna and lean ground turkey to our phase II HCG Diet Menu at the Natural Path.  Our HCG Diet patients have done remarkably well in adding these foods into their menu plans. 

New HCG Diet Recipes that can be used with the new HCG Diet Phase II Foods


Many of our patients have LOVED having Caulifower on the HCG Diet as a vegetable. I highly recommend staying in the 2 cup range with this vegetable.  Cauliflower is quite verstaile and can be made into a "rice."  It can also be gently steamed and blended to make a thick, filling and yummy soup base.  I love to add cumin, coriander and cinnamon with some chicken ... voila you have a wonderful HCG Diet Phase II dinner.  Broccoli also makes a nice soup base.  Red and green bell peppers can add flavor and crunch toa salad and they are also a wonderful snack.  Lean ground turkey is delightful in lettuce wraps!  These foods just add a wider variety to the HCG Diet phase II menu.





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