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Leptin and the Role it Plays in Our Bodies

March 30, 2015
Keep your Leptin levels in Check for a lean, strong body
Keep your Leptin levels in Check for a lean, strong body

What is Leptin?


Leptin, coming from the Greek word "leptos" meaning "thin" is a hormone that is produced by the adipocytes or "fat cells" in our bodies.  The amount of leptin in the body seems to have a direct correlation with the number of fat cells in the body.  Overall, high amounts of leptin trigger the body to feel satiated, while  low levels of leptin stimulate the body to feel hungry.  Leptin is known to play a role in controlling appetite, mental acuity, brain focus, memory and mood.  It is thought that the HCG Diet Program  plays a role on rebalancing leptin levels in the body.  



Leptin and the Hypothalamus of the Brain


The hypothalamus of the brain is known to have a multitude of leptin receptors.  They can also be found in places all throughout the body, yet there is a concentration of them in the hypothalamus.  As leptin levels begin to rise, they bind to a leptin receptor and initiate a response that tells the body it is "full."  As this happens, the BMR will increase.  Once leptin levels go down, the empty receptors send a signal to the body that it is "hungry."  As this happens, the BMR will slow down a bit to conserve energy.


Leptin in a Nutshell


What this all means is that if leptin levels go too low (which can happen due to lack of calories, lack of sleep, high stress or a toxic load), the metabolism is in danger of slowing down and it will be hard to lose weight.


On the other side of the coin, if we eat when our bodies are not feeling a sense of physiological hunger, then we run the risk of becoming "leptin resistant" and therfore, our bodies due not respond to the high levels of circulating leptins in the body.  As the body becomes more leptin resistant, the body has a harder time staying lean.  





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