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Know the Source of Your Almonds - Make your Own Nut Butters

March 24, 2015
Pure Almonds Packed With Nutrients
Pure Almonds Packed With Nutrients

Propylene Oxide, Heat and Almonds

Every HCG Diet Patient Entering Phase III gets Exicted about adding in Almonds --- Here are a few things to know before you eat them


Many years ago, you could find almonds that were in their pure form at a local market.  In 2007, due to a Salmonella outbreak that was linked to an almond grower in California.  A regulating agency stepped in to help increase almond safety and created regulations.   It is really important to know that most all almonds grown on U.S. soil have been fumigated with propylene oxide.  Propylene oxide is a chemical that our own CDC has admitted to be being a carcinogen. The almonds are placed in a chamber and fumigated with polypropylene gas after being heated to 200 degrees.  This change in laws was enough to push many small almond growers out of business and today, most almond growers are somewhat commercial in nature.


What about Organic Almonds?


You may ask about almonds that are labeled organic.  I know I did.  These almonds are heated to 200 degrees.  They ae not fumigated.  However, heating an almond kernal to a temperature this high will kill many of the active constituents and enzymes that give an almond such great health benefits.  Other almonds not labeled organic have most likely been fumigated with propylene oxide and heated to high temperatures.  The only way to get "pure" almonds is to have them imported or to find a small grower at a farmers market or small roadside stand.  I purchase my almonds through a company that imports them from Spain and they are not heated or fumigated.


Propylene Oxide (PPO) is Toxic

I would like to start this paragraph by mentioning that Propylene Oxideis banned in all of the Eurpean Nations, Mexico and Canada. In our own country, it has been banned by the National Hot Rod Association as it used to be used in their fuel .... until the toxic nature of its by products was learned.  According to the Globally Harmonized Systems of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals PPO was listed as a hazard sue to its acute toxicity, irritative, carcinogenic and mutagenic properties.  OK ... seriously, after I learned this I never wanted to eat another commerically grown almond again.



 Where To Get Your Almonds


If I were you, I would find a source of almonds that was grown organically and imported from another country.  If you buy nut butters, you might also want to consider making your own nut butters from the nuts you buy from your trusted source. It is SO easy to make nut butters. All you need is nuts, a food processor and some patients.  It is amazing the quality of the nut butters and you can rest assured that your food is free of toxins.



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