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April 14, 2015
Cleansing with the HCG DIET Program
Cleansing with the HCG DIET Program

My Annual Spring Time HCG Diet Cleanse


Every March, I choose to do an annual cleanse.  After doing the HCG Diet in the past with Dr. Madda and Dr. Phillipo and having great success with weight loss, I also noticed that I simply felt better.  After the program was over, I maintained my 26 lb weight loss pretty effortlessly with some dietary changes that really felt natural after doing the program.  Ultimately, the program was a true reset in my eating patterns and habits and after eating clean for so many weeks I was able to feel the stark difference in my body when I ate "crappy" food.  Over the course of the year, I managed to put on 6 lbs (still kept 20 lbs off). 


The HCG Diet Serves as a way to RESET my Eating Habits


Over the course of this year, I noticed that I began eating more of the foods that really did not make me feel great.  It just seems natural for this to happen when we live in a world where "Nutrient Dead" food is in excess.  It took a while for this stuff to creep back in but it did and I immediately noticed my energy level felt lower, my joint pain returned and I began gaining weight (very slowly).  I knew right away I wanted to jump on board with the HCG Diet program to hit the reset button on my eating habits and to get rid of another 10-15 lbs. 


Finishing up My Yearly HCG Diet Cleanse


Well, I jumped on board with the program at the beginning of March 2015. I completed a 21 day round and 3 weeks of phase III and lost 12 lbs and feel free of joint pain. As I predicted, my habits are back in line and I feel better than ever.  I will commit to making the HCG Diet a yearly cleanse program for me.  It works and I am so grateful to have this program available to me in my life.  I know it is not an FDA approved therapy for weight loss but I can honestly say after completing the protocol that it works for me and I feel great! 


*** Thanks to our patient Sally for sharing her story with us.  We love our patients and also love the results that happen for our patients with this program.


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