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June 26, 2013

Portland, Oregon ~ HCG Diet Protocol Physician

Metabolic HCG Diet and Weight loss

At the Natural Path in Portland, Oregon, we offer medically supervised diet programs including the HCG Diet protocol that can truly escalate your health and well being to another level.  If indicated, the HCG Diet can enjoy a vital role in permitting you to slim down quickly. This is done safely, along with the supervision of the physician. With the Natural Path HCG Diet in Portland, you are able to be assured that the program is going to be safe as well as effective. Dr. Madda’s Metabolic HCG Diet is created to have long standing results in both your weight as well as your health. This Natural Path HCG Diet is not a dietary fad; Dr. Madda has seen consistent weight reduction in almost all of his patients. Dr. Madda will follow his patients after the HCG Diet program is complete to ensure long lasting results.

IS the Natural HCG Diet for YOU?

 Ninety percent of our patients have tried all of the “fad” or “crash” diets available. Putting yourself through a few of the fad diets available can be quite difficult on the body, particularly if you have pre-existing medical issues. In our Natural HCG Diet, we monitor you the whole way through. From the start, we like to see a comprehensive blood panel to be sure you are a safe candidate for our HCG Diet program. From there, we will be sure you fully understand the program and guide you through every step of the way.

In doing our Natural HCG Diet, we will also assist you in treating other health issues such as -High cholesterol levels -Cardiovascular risk -Diabetes -Bloodstream sugar irregularities -Electrolyte unbalances -Endocrine system problems -Hyperthyroidism -Thyroid problems -Anemia -Infection -Allergic reactions† -Autoimmune conditions -Dietary inadequacies - -

It is very important to know the source of your HCG to be sure that it contains a substance that is safe for your body. We use pharmacies that test their product and send us an assay so we can be sure what we prescribe to our patients is safe.

The HCG Diet is a safe and effective way to slim down quickly!

 The most secure method to slim down rapidly is by using the help of an experienced physician specializing in the HCG Diet. Your wellbeing is simply too vital that you take unwarranted risks by ordering HCG from a source that is unknown and by not being monitored by a physician during the HCG Diet.


Can one slim down quickly on the HCG Diet and maintain it? -The short response is YES!

However, this assumes that you're prepared to take full responsibility for the diet protocol and follow it as directed. Losing weight and remaining healthy takes a dedication to yourself along with a readiness to create healthy options every single day.


To explore Dr. Madda and the Natural HCG Diet programs, click the link.Dr. Robert Madda offers services to the following areas: Portland, Vancouver, Salem, Eugene, Gresham, Beaverton, HillsboroServices include: hCG Drops, hCG Diet, hCG Weight Loss, hCG Injections, hCG Specialist, hCG Physician, hCG Doctor, hCG Clinic, Hormone

sDisclaimer:  HCG is really a drug which is not authorized by the fda as effective and safe in treating weight problems or weight loss. There's no substantial evidence that HCG increases weight reduction beyond that caused by caloric restriction, it leads to a more appealing or “normal” distribution of body fat, or it decreases the hunger and discomfort connected with calorie-limited diets.Rob


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