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HCG Diet Portland at The Natural Path ~ Dr. Cara on Day 19 of her Journey

December 11, 2013
Losing Weight and Feeling Great on the HCG Diet
Losing Weight and Feeling Great on the HCG Diet

The Beautiful thing about the HCG Diet


The HCG Diet holds within it a tremendous amount of learning ~ learning about our own relationship with food; learning about the relationship we have as a society with food; learning about our own psychological and physiological needs for food and truly how different they are.  I have researched this topic for years. I have written a book and article after article on the HCG Diet Protocol.  Going THROUGH  the process has been the real GEM for me.  More learning in the last 3 weeks than in all my years of research combined. I love the HCG Diet Program at The Natural Path Portland even more than ever.


How I subjectively feel on the HCG Diet as I come into my third week


I feel AMAZING!!!!  I feel CLEAN!!  I feel LIGHT!!  I feel i ncontrol of what I am eating. I am listening to my body and eating ... WHEN I AM HUNGRY.  When I get hungry, I choose a lean protein and a vegetable and I enjoy them.  I am making such healthy choices when I could easily go for something not so vital.  In my house, we have really healthy food.  If I were to "snack" at my house it would be a piece of Udi's gluten free cinnamon raisin bread with almond butter.  Even those "healthy" snack foods weigh me down!


I hasve been sleeping great.  One thing I have noticed is that my body does feel cold.  It is cold outside and I live in an old house so perhaps it is just plain cold around me:)


The Gems I will Take with Me from the HCG Diet


Eating this simply for 3 weeks has been amazing.  I will continue to eat this way with a bit bigger portion sizes come phase III.  I will eat less nut butters than I used to and I will keep grains pretty much out of my diet 98%.  I do know what foods cause inflammation in the human body and I personally know nuts and grains are not the best choice for me personally.

I look forward to slowly adding things in come phase III and noticing how they make me feel.  I have loved eating simply and it is even more evidence for me that this is how my physiological/genetic body would like to eat. 


I am beyond grateful that I have chosen to put myself through this process.


Dr. Cara


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