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HCG Diet and the Maintenance Phase

June 6, 2013
The motivating way to lose weight and change your lifestyle ... THE HCG DIET
The motivating way to lose weight and change your lifestyle ... THE HCG DIET


The Medically supervised HCG Diet

Maintenance Phase or Phase 4

This is the last phase of this amazing weight loss program. This phase is thought to be very important to the overall success of the program as it is theorized that at this time the hypothalamus of the brain is re-calibrated. The Natural HCG Maintenance Diet works with the body of the individual to reset it metabolically and boost the rate of metabolism. This phase is also a nice reward for our patients who have stuck with the 500 calorie (VLCD) phase for 3-6 weeks.

The Natural Path HCG DIet Maintenance Phase works to bring the metabolism back to normal so that the body does not store fat improperly after the Natural HCG Phase of Phase II of the program. The Natural HCG Maintenance Diet is believed to help you maintain your new healthy weight loss. After the VLCD of phase II and the stabilization phase diet of phase III you will begin to consume more calories on the maintenance phase of the HCG Diet.  During the diet, you will only be allowed to eat or drink a total of 500 calories. During the† maintenance phase of the HCG Diet phase, one will increase caloric intake to 1500 calories. During this phase, it is important to know that you must pay attention to what you are eating. It is best not to include sugars, starches, sweeteners, honey, molasses, sucralose, dextrose, corn syrup, nitrates, trans-fats, fast food, fried food, agave nectar, etc.† on this maintenance phase of the HCG Diet.

The maintenance phase of the HCG Diet is a Positive Experience

The Maintenance Phase of the HCG diet & weight loss plan is generally a great experience. Increasing the number of calories to 1500 is exciting after following such a low calorie diet for many weeks. Very slowly, the individual can eat new foods that are on the approved list. The dieter can add small amounts of fat such as cheese, milk, nuts etc. It is IMPORTANT not to indulge at this time. Moderation is the key to the maintenance phase of the HCG Diet plan.Dr. Simeons’ HCG diet program believes that the maintenance phase of the plan is an important one. At this point in the diet, the body will begin to store fat. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you keep your metabolism in balance. 1500 calories may seem like an abundant amount to intake after participating in the very low calorie diet but it is important to keep the calories at this level during this maintenance phase of the HCG Diet. When you begin this phase of the HCG Diet, it is of extreme importantance to remain aware of your body weight. You will continue to track calories and write your weight down daily. You will work in a healthy manner to counteract any weight gain, so it is necessary for you to watch what you eat and drink.

What to do if you gain weight on maintenance phase of HCG Diet

There is a game plan built into this plan if you should gain 2-3 lbs. over your last injection weight (LIW). Please not that if you do gain 2 pounds or more, you can do a "steak day" which will usually bring you right back on track. In our experience, our patients tend to learn a very healthy lifestyle while following this program and keep their HCG weight loss off.


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