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Happy Patient Reviews of Our HCG Weight Loss Program Portland

November 1, 2013
We love when our patients lives change for the better after going through our Medical HCG Diet and weight loss protocol
We love when our patients lives change for the better after going through our Medical HCG Diet and weight loss protocol

Reviews from Happy Patients -- Naturopathic Primary Care and HCG Diet Portland

It is always such a sweet pat on the back when our patients write to us with immense gratitude and thankfulness for the care that we gave or continue to give to them.  As Naturopathic Primary care doctors we have the ability to do so much for our patients.  We have become known in our community as "HCG Diet Doctors," but we do so much more that that in our medical practice.


 "Dr. Madda is an absolute delight to work with. Dr. Madda is incredibly knowledgeable and combines multiple treatment options to maximize a patient's rehabilitation success. He explains everything as he goes to keep the patient informed. He's also very upbeat and easy to talk to, and regularly checks in with his patients to stay updated on their progress. In the past year, I've been told by two surgeons that I'd never run again due to extensive cartilage loss in both knees. That was a devastating blow given that my passion in my free time has been competing in Ironman triathlons and marathons for the past decade. Dr. Madda has given me hope that running may still be an option for me and I'm already noticing less pain. I'm optimistic that working with him will result in getting back to the activities I love!"

Another happy Patient that visits us for Primary Care and the has done our HCG Diet

"I did the HCG Diet with Dr. Madda twice and have lost 59 lbs and never have I felt better.  I also like to do a cleanse twice a year . Dr. Madda and his partner Dr. Cara Phillipo have designed a cleanse called the Body Cleanse 7 day detox that I absolutely love.  I consider him a partner in my ongoing effort to stay healthy and age gracefully! I believe in having both a medical doctor and a naturopathic doctor to consult with as a responsible way to maintain optimal health. One thing I have to say that is really great about Dr. Madda is that he takes time to explain why he might recommend a certain path or remedy, he explains in detail both in medical terms and layman understanding. He is always continuing to educate himself and find out who is leading in health related areas as it applies to his patients needs. If I am researching something, I can bring it to him and he digs deeper to let me know his overall thoughts based on his education and years of training. With Dr. Madda, I really feel that I have a partner, an advocate and someone who really cares about my success in attaining a balanced approach to health and wellness."

Weight Issues Be Gone with the HCG Diet at The Natural Path Portland

"May of 2011 I made the decision to switch from primary care physician to naturopathic Doctor.. Due to chronic weight issues I was directed to Dr. Madda.  Dr. Madda has been extremely supportive even though I chose not to continue with HCG injections and chose to follow another program through work. we have also worked on hormone Therapy - I truly feel better than I have felt in years and am down over 50lbs since transferring my care over to him. I for one could not be happier - Dr. Madda has excellent bedside manner - excellent communication skills and makes one feel like you are his only patient - I highly recommend him and Dr. Cara."
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