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Getting Mentally Prepared for the HCG Weight Loss Program and the END of DIETING!

February 20, 2017
The HCG weight loss program could be your last diet ever
The HCG weight loss program could be your last diet ever



We encourage all of our patients to jump into the HCG Diet Protocol with a positive attitude and a mentally prepared mind.  We would love this protocol to become the END of DIETING! After guiding thousands of people through this program, we feel confidant in offering you our 5 most helpful tips.

Changing our habits and patterns and letting go of food addictions is NOT EASY!  However, it is so worth it! I have seen countless patients who were battling health issues and using food as a really close friend.  Getting some extra weight off with the HCG Diet protocol while LEARNING a way to eat that revolves around consuming NUTRIENTS as a primary factor and the macro food groups (carb, fat & protein) as a secondary factor could mean an end to all dieting.   Our hope is that the HCG Weight Loss program will be a springboard into a very healthy lifestyle free of food addictions and the use of processed foods.    More often than not,  people end up giving up half way through their weight loss journey.  Habits are SO hard to change to it really takes a lot of mindfulness, awareness and a real commitment!  Staying strong through the process can be a challenge at times.  Here are a few tips to help you stay mentally aligned to your goal and allow you to complete your program and continue on a path of healthy eating for the rest of your life.


As you get ready to embark on the HCG Diet protocol ... please remember that the way to lasting success is to make a true commitment to yourself that you are ready to break old habits and enter into a new way of life!  The focus needs to be consistent!  You can do this! Believe in yourself!


1. What are your CLEAR goals?  Why is it that you want to LOSE weight?

Set a timer for 20 minutes and sit down with an old fashion pen and a piece of paper.  Begin a little brainstorming session!

Here are a few common examples of goals that our patients have as they embark on the HCG Diet program. Writing down goals is a way to hold yourself accountable.  Find a way to keep your goals in front of you each and every day and let them help direct some of your decision making.  You can do this.  I always like to use colors and visuals in my goal making as my brain is more drawn to images and color than just words on a paper.


  • to feel more confident and look more attractive; to feel better in my skin
  • to improve general health -- to get off medications for cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar
  • to fit into your clothes better
  • to have total control of your food intake and eating habits
  • to have a feeling of vitality; to have energy to make each day spectacular
  • to have more energy for your family and your kids

2. Action Plan! How will you Achieve your goals?!  Take some time to write down the steps you plan to take to REACH YOUR GOAL!

Here are a few things that we have seen be very helpful to our patients!

  • Study! Learn!  Feed your mind knowledge continusously that supports your goal. One of my favorite books that I invite patients to read on this program is THE END OF DIETING by Joel Fuehrman.
  • Throw away ALL the junk food. What good is it? It has no nutritional value and does not support your goals right now.
  • PREPARE. PREPARE. PREPARE.  Have food prepped in nice "grab and go" containers so that when hunger strikes at work or if you are starving when you get home from work you do not have to do any cooking! Have healthy snacks ready too .... some chopped up celery, cucumber or apple, or even a hard boiled egg white.
  •  Create shopping lists that support your goals and stick with it. It might be hard at first as you might want to feed into your addictions but stay strong!
  • Have lots of different options on hand and have enough variety to satisfy your liking.
  • Look at healthy foods as truly satisfying!  Have a healthy "cheat" on hand when you need to satisfy yourself.  This could be some fresh strawberries with stevia or some cucumbers sliced with vinegar drizzled on top.  
  • If you get invited to someones home for dinner ... bring a beautiful tray of delicious vegetables that work on phase 2 of the HCG Diet.  Tell the host you are on a healthy eating plan if they are serving something that does not work with your eating program.
  • If heading out to eat, you can always get a bed of greens and then order a salad with plain grilled or boiled chicken breast or fish (eye ball the portion size). Use some lemon or vinegar for dressing on P2.
  • Stay away from social situations where junk food is at the center unless you know you can stay strong with your plan. In time, this will be no problem for you. At first, this can be a challenge.

3. Believe in Yourself

As you begin to let go of food addictions (and yes, they are strong) you will have moments when you feel like you want to give up. This is when you have your GOALS handy and you review them. Go back to your original commitment and stay strong. The only way to let go of food addictions and to change strong lifestyle habits is to go through the difficult time that comes along with these big life changes.  However, please remember that a whole new world waits for you on the other side of this uncomfortable period.


If you end up diverting from the plan ... RECOMMITT ... and get right back on board.  Do not let one diversion lead to another. Ever.  


On the program, weight loss will not be consistent from day to day or fro week to week.  That is okay. Your body is using its own internal wisdom an making recalibrations as needed.  Please remember the internal improvements that are happening. You are also losing inches, improving your over all health, bringing blood pressure down, regulating blood sugar, detoxifying your cells, etc. 


Make a plan to keep the momentum coming! Motivation and Inspiration are key players here!  Keep your eye on your goal.  Keep studying and learning about why you want to get to where you are going!


4. Reward Yourself

We generally make more commitments to others in our lives and this is a one that we are making for ourselves! I strongly suggest giving yourself a small reward at the end of each week to celebrate your success.  Remember success is sticking with the program and not the amount of weight that you have lost! Obviously, there are no rewards that are centered around food!  We want to keep our new habits strong and celebrate them.

Some of our favorite reward ideas are:

  • massage; manicure or pedicure; self-pampering
  • shopping for some new clothes or something to adorn you or your home
  • an afternoon at one of your favorite places
  • a nice tea time with a friend


5. Timing is Everything!  What is the "RIGHT" time to start your weight loss journey and your End to Dieting!?

In life, there is no "perfect" time to make these changes as our world today revolves around food.  However, there are better times than others. I do not recommend beginning this during big life changes.  Then again, do not keep looking for excuses to get started.


Please remember that we provide support and guidance to ALL of our patients during their care with us. Reach out!  We are here for you.

Be well!




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