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Favorite HCG Diet Recipes from our Patients

September 28, 2013
Let the HCG DIet be your guide to the weight that you want
Let the HCG DIet be your guide to the weight that you want

Favorite Phase II HCG Diet recipes from our Patients



My name is Alan and this is my second round with the HCG DIet and so far I am down 53 lbs. and feel better than ever. I love to make good food and below are my favorite recipes for Phase 2 of the HCG Diet.


I use the George forman grill throughout the HCG Diet.  Cook your protein, more than 1 serving, keep some for another meal. I used alot of lemon pepper on my chicken/fish. Pre-cut the veggies, or buy them in bags at the market. Use the crock pot for steak & onions, swear it tastes like roast. If you do not normally use alot of seasonings, when you purchase them, look out for hidden sugars, MSG, things off protocol. Most herbs are ok to use, depends on your taste. As you eat more real food vs processed food, your tastes will change. Sautee veggies with a bit of water or homemade chicken stock. Use lemon juice. Wrap proteins in tin foil and roast or bbq. It just take a bit more planning ahead of time, but you are worth it!


This HCG Diet is incredible  .First, I cook up several batches of 100 g. (3.5 oz. pre-cooked wt.) of chicken tenders. I season them using montreal steak seasoning, A basic no-salt seasoning, and ground cumin. I cook them in a small amount of sugar-free, low sodium, organic chicken broth. I put these in baggies and use them for lunch every day. I also buy individually-wrapped tilapia fillets from New Seasons.  I use these at dinner. I find these two protein sources give me my most-consistent weight loss and so I just stick with those. I don't mind eating the same thing daily--I am boring, I admit it! 


Two recipes I use daily on phase 2 of the HCG Diet: LETTUCE TACOS:

I serving of my pre-bagged, pre-seasoned chicken, chopped 3-4 medium sized romaine lettuce spears;Salsa (make sure it has no sugar or starchy stuff added-just tomatoes, peppers, seasonings), Fresh Cilantro - a few tablespoons (optional)

Take romaine spears and layer with chicken, cilantro, sauce, salsa.

Tilapia and Asparagus Spears in Honey-Mustard Sauce for Phase II of HCG Diet

What you need: 

8 fresh asparagus spears & 1 thawed Tilapia fillet. 

Cajun Seasoning - check label or use a substitute that you like; Ground Cumin,1/4 to 1/2 cup of low sodium, organic Chicken Broth, Dijon Mustard (nothing added), Lemon Stevia Drops, Crushed Red Chili Pepper (the kind that you sprinkle on pizza - they're pretty spicy so omit if you don't like spicy)


Directions for this HCG DIet friendly recipe:

Trim the asparagus and boil for 6 minutes - drain and remove from water (it should be firm still); chop into 1 inch pieces. Season the fish and then saute and steam it in a large frying pan (with lid) in the chicken broth (approx. 6-8 mins.). Remove lid, add mustard (1-2 tbs. or to taste), 4-5 lemon stevia drops, and desired amount of crushed chili (it's hot!) and stir into the chicken broth in the pan to form a "sauce." Taste and adjust seasoning to your liking. (It is sweet and spicy and tangy) When the sauce thickens slightly, toss in the asparagus pieces and coat and cook for a few minute. 


Buy frozen, organic strawberries (make sure they are only strawberries with no added sugar). Blend them with a little water and stevia. It is an HCG Diet Strawberry Frappe. The HCG Diet does not have to be boring† FInd some things that you like and get creative. I love that part of the HCG Diet!


Dr. Robert Madda and Dr. Cara Phillipo are wonderful doctors of the HCG Diet and have been excellent in guiding me through this program.


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