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Factors to Help Get Headaches Under Control

November 12, 2014
Getting Headaches Under Control Can be Tough but with these Ideas they could be Prevented
Getting Headaches Under Control Can be Tough but with these Ideas they could be Prevented

Some Simple Tips to Help Limit Headaches


Although we focus on weight loss and bio-identical hormones in our practice, we also do quite a bit of primary care. I am amazed at how many of my patients suffer from chronic, frequent or occasional headaches.  Many of our HCG Diet patients experience headaches at the start of the program as they begin to detoxify.  There are a multitude of reasons for a headache and this is just a simple list of things that can help prevent some headaches from happening.  


Losing Weight Can Help with Headaches


Clinically, I have seen this to be true in my practice. Many patients who suffered from chronic headaches found relief after shedding 15 + pounds.  Of course, along with this weight loss came a change in dietary habits as well. I encourage my patients to follow a "paleo-type" diet after our HCG Diet program. With this program, you will not be eating any grains and really limiting sugar intake.  Of course, food sesitivities are another huge reason many patients deal with headaches.




Movement in the body decreases inflammation. Inflammation is behind almost any disease process in the body.



Both caffeine and alcohol have been shown to trigger headaches.



It has been shown that states of stress, anxiety and worry can stimulate headaches. This can be due to changes in brain chemistry that can shift the vascular system.  These states can also create muscular tension and create pain in the head.



Hydration is key.  Dehydration is a common reason for head aches.




It is also a great idea to keep a record of your headaches and see if there is any correlation with the menstrual cycyle for women and any relationship to food.  



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