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Eating Healthy through the HOLIDAYS

November 20, 2013
Choose Healthy, Vibrant and Delcious food through the holidays.
Choose Healthy, Vibrant and Delcious food through the holidays.

Healthy Eating through the Holidays


This is the time of year when so many of our HCG Diet patients get concerned they will gain weight through the holidays. They ask us for tips to keep the eating aligned with good health and weight maintenance while still having a great time celebrating with friends and family. 


Of course, you must realize that little temptations will pop up here and there and if you have approach this season with mindfulness you will be able to stay on course.   Friends and family often love to show us how much we are loved with food and quite often sugar. 


Pointers to keep you on Track with Eating and Weight Maintenance this Holiday Season


Do not get too excited about food throughout the holidays.  Do not think of Thanksgiving as a day to "pig out." Focus on being with friends and family.  


Keep a glass of water in your hand and sip it quite often.  The signal for hunger and thirst are often very similar. Stay hydrated.


Have protein with every meal.


When you eat ... STOP when you feel full


Before you fill your plate with food; notice what is on the table and choose with mindfulness.


While eating ~ chew slowly, notice the colors on your plate; notice how delicious your food tastes; put your fork down and take a breath now and again; ask your self after your nice deep breath where you are on the hunger scale and stop eating when your body feels full.


Ask yourself how you would like to feel after your meal and hold yourself to that.


Go for a nice walk after you have eaten your meal with friends and/or family.


Enjoy the Celebration Aspect of this Holiday Season


Approach the holidays with GRATITUDE!  Eat with Gratitude. Meet friends and family with Gratitude.  Express Gratitude to your body by taking care of it and giving it wonderful wholesome, healthy food in the perfect quantities. 


We wish you a magical holiday season filled with love and joy!


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