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Easter Eggs and The HCG Diet can go Hand in Hand

March 21, 2016

Make Some Festive Easter Eggs for your HCG Diet Program


Eggs can be a great protein option for the HCG Diet Protocol. Since Easter is just around the corner go ahead and make them fun!  I love any excuse to be crafty.

Last night, my children and I made some really pretty Easter eggs.  Our HCG Diet friends can do this too and enjoy them as part of a meal or for a snack. I encourage my HCG Diet patients to bring creativity into the program to keep some inspiration alive.  Give this a try.


Are Eggs OK on the HCG Diet?


Unless you have an egg allergy or sensitivity they seem to work really well on the HCG Diet protocol. One whole egg and 3 egg whites is a commonly used protein option for the program.  I also encourage my patients to hard boil some eggs and keep them on hand. This way, if hunger strikes, they have a very low calorie protein option to grab on the run. If egg whites are being used as the occasional "snack" on the HCG Diet protocol, I recommend that they patient peel the egg, toss the yolk (or feed it to someone else) and eat the white of the egg only.


Creating HCG Diet Easter Eggs


Well, there are many ways to make Easter eggs and thanks to facebook and pinterest there seem to be so many more out there.  This weekend, I tried these eggs in the photo's.  What I did was purchase white eggs and some mens ties. I cut the ties into squares and wrapped them around each egg with string.  You want to be sure the colorful side of the silk tie is facing the egg.  Then, wrap the egg once again in a plain piece of white cotton and tie at the top.  Then, place eggs in a pan with 4 cups water and 1/4 cup white vinegar.  Bring to a boil and then simmer for 30 minutes covered.  When done, you will have some very pretty eggs for your HCG Diet!

  • Easter egg making for HCG Diet
  • Voila ... beautiful easter eggs for your hcg diet program


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