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Dr. Cara's experience on the HCG Diet Phase II -- Day 5

November 27, 2013
Finding Balance as you trim down on the HCG Diet Protocol
Finding Balance as you trim down on the HCG Diet Protocol

The First three days into Phase II of the HCG Diet


It has been a true experience following this HCG Diet protocol that I have led so many of my patients through.  Seriously, this is a REAL committment.  The first few days on phase II of the HCG Diet protocol were quite challenging for me.  I was hungry. I was irritable.  I I had a headache.  These are the same types of symptoms that I have experienced when I have done any other type of cleansing in my life.  My body was going through a huge change.  I allowed myself an ounce or two extra of protein and had a high, quality HCG Diet approved protein powder once per day. I listened to my body and gave it what I felt it was needing.  I went to bed early. I asked my husband for help with the kids.  It felt really good to be tuning in deeper to myself and offering my body, mind and spirit what it was needing.


I have learned so much already about the unconscious eating patterns that I have in my "normal" life.  I do not have a weight problem and I am not a foodie and still I notice how mindlessly I eat sometimes.  Yes, it is mindless eating with very healthy foods but still ... I would like to remain conscious when I am eating.  I do not believe that we need to eat when our bodies are not hungry.  It is my belief that this is a huge reason we have an obesity epidemic in this country.  


Exercise and the HCG Diet -- Making Modifications


Most of the time, I advise my patients to keep their exercise regimen to a very moderate level and not to begin any new forms of strenuous exercise until phase III of the HCG Diet.  When I have a very active patient, I want to be sure that we are keeping up with the protein demands of the body on their HCG Diet protocol.  This is where modifications must come in.  On the HCG Diet, we do not want anyone to become protein deficient.  If this happens, the patient is at risk of losing lean muscle.  I am one of those people who is not willing to give up my exercise regimen even while on the program.  I LOVE exercise and it is a highlight of my life.  SO, I am using a protein powder by Biogenesis called Body Cleanse Plus once per day on those days that I do moderate/strenuous exercise.


Water and Sleep on the HCG Diet Protocol -- a new thing for me


I have always struggled to get in my daily dose of water.  It has been my New Years resolution for the past three years.  I also struggle going to bed at a normal hour (I love working at night after my kids go to bed) especially when I still have little ones who do not yet sleep through the night.    I know the benfits of hydration and sleep yet I still keep up with these habits that I know need improvement.  On this program, I have been super minful of staying hydrated and I have been going to bed by 9:30.  This is nearly a miracle for me.


  It feels so great to be hydrating, sleeping, eating clean, exercising and LISTENING to my body.  I am in awe already of the awareness this HCG Diet protocol can bring into your life. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be able to put myself through this process.


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