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Dr. Cara Phillipo and Day 16 on the HCG Phase of the HCG Diet Portland

December 8, 2013
Feeling more Free on the HCG Diet
Feeling more Free on the HCG Diet

Day 16 on Phase II of the HCG Diet Program at The Natural Path


Well, I am in full swing with this HCG Diet Program at this point ... Day 16. My plan is to go just one more week. I feel like this has become a normal part of my world to eat lean protein, vegetables and fruit ONLY.  Of course, I am also only eating those foods on our HCG Diet phase II shopping list.  It is true, nothing else has crossed my lips in the 14 days that I have been on phase II of this program (the first 2 days were loading days).  After the first 8 days it has been amazingly EASY!


Have I been hungry on the HCG Diet?

This is the burning question that everyone keeps asking me.  The truth is that I do get hungry ... but not very often.  When hunger strikes, I drink about 12 ounces of water and have a small amount of protein and vegetable.  On top of Dr. Simeons original HCG Diet protocol that we have modified in our Portland based HCG Diet Clinic ...  I am having an extra serving of protein, vegetable and fruit.  I am getting closer to 750 calories per day.  I am also very active!


What quantifiable changes do I notice in my Body from the HCG Diet Protocol


I notice that my skin just feels a lot thinner overall.  I can see the outline of my muscles in greater detail.  I feel nice and light in my body.  I feel strong.  I do not feel weak in anyway.  I do notice that I am colder than normal on the HCG phase of this program. I have lost 6 lbs. of body fat and even gained 1.5 lbs of muscle according to our In body 720 body composition scanner.


I am excited to go through for one more week and then to transition into phase III of the HCG Diet Protocol where I will stick with the phase III food list for 3 weeks.  This has been an exceptional way to cleanse my body.  I feel super clean and alive  Although my lifestyle and diet were healthy before I think I will leave out all grains 95% of the time and focus on lean meats, non-starchy veggies and low sugar fruits and lots of water. 


To learn more about the HCG Diet program that I facilitate at The Natural Path in Portland, Oregonb visit us online at www.naturalpathmed.com.  Cheers


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