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Delicious, Green and Super Refreshing HCG Diet Drink

January 15, 2014
Blend These Delicious Ingredients for an HCG Diet Delight
Blend These Delicious Ingredients for an HCG Diet Delight
The Refreshing Green Drink that is HCG Diet Friendly

This is a really delicious little beverage that can I actually make quite often and love to drink throughout the day. It is healthy, light and refreshing.  On the HCG Diet, it is important to change up our daily routine with food to keep it more exciting.  It is the little things that truly are the spice in life.  I have had so many patients rave about the refreshing green drink!


How to Blend up the Green Drink HCG Diet Refresher


Peel a cucumber and cut into pieces

peel an appleand cut into quarters

cut 4 stalks of celery into pieces

grab a hand ful of basil

cut a lemon and remove the peel

add 4 cups water

add 2 cups of ice


Blend away. 


Make your own HCG Diet Green Drink Creation

Get creative!!!  Add more water, ice or apple to taste.  You can add spinach or kale.  If you are not on the HCG Diet you can replace the water with coconut water (although I do prefer the water myself).  Enjoy a big glass or a little cup here and there through out the day!


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Blessings to ALL!!


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