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Day 12 & Body Composition Changes on The HCG Diet Protocol for Dr. Cara at The Natural Path in Portland

December 4, 2013
The HCG Diet is a phenominal way to Detox  your life in so many ways
The HCG Diet is a phenominal way to Detox your life in so many ways

Day 12 of the HCG Diet and Feeling Fine

Well, this is Day 12 on the HCG Diet and I  must say I am SO glad I stuck with this HCG Diet Protocol!  The first week was truly a challenge.  I realize this is a bit different for me as my body composition does not hold a very high amount of fat mass so I am needing to modify.  I have been adding in an extra fruit as well as an HCG Diet approved protein powder blended with water in the morning.  I feel clear headed, focused, light, clean and very strong.  I am happy to report that I am really not hungry until it is time for me to have my meals and fully satiated after I eat!


Body Composition Changes Noted on the HCG Diet Program


This part is really cool!!  I began the HCG Diet 12 days ago and I have lost 4% body fat and gained 2 lbs of muscle.  I have been monitoring my body composition every few days and it is really neat to see the changes.  I have another friend who is doing the drops (or was) and we were monitoring her body composition as well.  It was really amazing to see that she was gaining fat and losing muscle on the HCG drops.  I had known this in theory but it was very insightful to see it first hand.  She has now retsarted the program using the injections. 


HCG Diet Injections vs. HCG Diet Drops


HCG injections provide a physiological dose of HCG needed to work with the hypothalamus of the brain to increase leptin and burn fat.  The HCG Diet drops do not have this physiological effect.


I am doing this HCG Diet program for the cleansing aspects and to gain the true experience of what it is like to go through this program that I have written a book and many articles on and led 1000 people through.  Let me say ... I am so glad to be knowing first hand what this is all about. 



The Committment of the HCG Diet Protocol


This HCG Diet program  is a lot more of a committment than I could have imagined.  I have learned so much and love that I can relate to my patients on a deeper level in regards to their personal experience on this diet program.  It is a full on commitment that has you digging deep down to find your spirit and to hold the reigns tight.  Food is a huge part of our world and so many use food as a means of compensation for a variety of emotions, thoguhts and feelings.  This protocol does not let you stray from the plan (if you want results) and forces you to find solace in something other than food.  It truly is a really neat experience.  This program also goes on for quite some time.  Make the committment and you will be happy on so many levels.



Dr. Cara



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