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Day 10 of the HCG Diet for Dr. Cara Phillipo

December 1, 2013
opening myself up to new possibilities through the HCG Diet Portland at The Natural Path
opening myself up to new possibilities through the HCG Diet Portland at The Natural Path

The HCG Diet has a certain level of Intensity


Well, the undertaking of the HCG Diet protocol has been a HUGE learning experience for me.  Did I say HUGE?!  I am putting myself through this for a few reasons ... #1) I want to feel first hand what it is like to go through a program that I have put almost a thousand people through and written a book about.  I have seen the amazing results of the HCG diet first hand through my patients but I wanted to have the experience of going through the protocol on my own.  #2)  I wanted to have a nice, deep cleanse in my own body.  I knew this would be a great way to achieve that desire. 23 days of pure, anti-inflammatory eating, mindfullness, lots of pure water and relaxation.


The difference with myself and many of my patients that go through our medically supervised HCG Diet Protocol is that I do not have a whole lot of "abnormal" fat stores to burn.  Of course, I am sure there is some.  I also love my exercise regimen.  Although, I am toning it down a notch.   I am still hitting the gym 5-6 days per week but with a little less intensity as to not increase the protein and nutritional demands of my body .  SO, above and beyond the outlined 500 calorie diet of the program I am incorporating another piece of fruit or 2 as well as a clean, raw protein powder blended with water. 


How I Have Felt Thus far Through the HCG Diet


OK, I will admit ... this is a lot harder than I was anticipating it would be.  I always hear my patients tell me they are not hungry but for the first few days, I was quite hungry.  I listened to my body and had a little bit of this and that from the HCG Diet approved list as I felt the need.  I have 2 very young children and a busy Naturopathic medical practice that demands a lot fo focus and attention.  I began the protocol at 125 lbs. and in the first couple of days, dropped 4 lbs.  For the past 4 days, I have been at a little bit of a plateau.  The weight loss is not the reason I am doing this program.  I want to cleanse my body and gain a deeper insight as to what this process feels like to go through.


Aside from the occasional hunger pangs, I have felt pretty good.  My physical body feels very strong on the HCG diet program.  I do notice that when my blood sugar drops a bit  my mind and focus are not as sharp.  My energy is really good and I am sleeping well.  I have noticed that when I get hungry, I slice up a small piece of apple and have some sparkling mineral water and that helps a lot.  Once I have my protein and vegetable for lunch and dinner I feel very satisfied for hours later.


What I am Learning from the HCG Diet


I am learning SO much through this process of following the HCG Diet as we have designed it at the Natural Path HCG Diet Clinic in Portland, Oregon.  It is amazing to open up and see with eyes wide open what role food plays in our lives.  I notice how much people eat and how dysfunctional eating patterns are in our lives.  Even for me who leads a very healthy lifestyle and only eats organic, mostly raw, live delicious food ... I eat very mindlessly and not for the function of eating a lot of the time.  This awareness sets in deeper and deeper everyday.  I watch my husband and my children eat and find myself wishing I could have what they are .... BUT, this process will strengthen me.  This truly is an emotional eating rehab for my patients.  When you "cheat" on the HCG diet, it does not have the same effect over time.  I have seen this in my clinical experience with the HCG Diet over and over.  The results that come from this program when it is followed perfectly are outstanding.


It is time for me to go get some sleep friends.  I will share with you more in a couple of days when I am half way through my HCG Diet journey.


Feel free to ask me any questions at all of visit us online at www.naturalpathemed.com


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