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Completion of Dr. Cara's modified Phase I on the HCG Diet

December 14, 2013
The HCG Diet Program at The Natural Path Portland
The HCG Diet Program at The Natural Path Portland

The End of the HCG Diet Phase I is Here


Well, here I am on Day 23 of the program.  Today, was my last injection day.  I have 2 days of the transiotion phase of the HCG diet Portland at The Natural Path before navigating into Phase III or the Stabilization phase.  It is a bitter sweet feeling.  In some ways, I am ready to move on into eating a greater variety of food and in other ways I have truly enjoyed this process of really cleansing and learning all the impacts that food has in ones world.


Getting Creative with the Limited amount of Food Choices on Phase II of HCG Diet


I have actually loved having a very limited amount of food to choose from on phase II of the HCG diet.  It was so simple!  I ate fairly liberally throughout the day.  I consumed atleast 1/2 head of cabbage and an entire bunch of celery as well as 2-4 apples and 8 ounces of chicken daily along with a protein smoothie that I made each morning before my workout  I also enjoyed broccoli, brussel sprouts and I loved roasting  onions in a tiny bit of MCT oil.  I at so many vegetables the past 23 days.  What I consumed through this modified HCG Diet process is surely a much higher caloric intake than the average HCG Diet patient but my main goal was to cleanse and not weight loss (although, I did lose weight in the process). I feel very happy that for the next 3 weeks I will not have starches in my diet (other than fruits and veggies).  I will add in some fats (one serving per day).  Phase III seems to me like a very strict paleo diet. My body likes this.  I have no sugar or starch cravings at all.  In fact, I have made paleo banana bread, paleo pumpkin bread, grainless cookies and grainless ginger bread cake for the holidays and not had any desire to have any.


Would I do the modified HCG Diet as a cleanse again?

 Absolutely!!!  Yes!  In fact, come the summertime I would like to begin this again.  I am thinking come mid May. What a beautiful way to reset patterns of eating.  I notice that I am much colder without my little fat layer so doing this in warmer temps will be fabulous.  Glad I have my infra red sauna to warm me up before bed.  Off I go to get warm ...


Happy Holidays to ALL!


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