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Commonly Made Mistakes on Phase II of the HCG Diet

June 25, 2014
Get the Results that you Want with the HCG DIET
Get the Results that you Want with the HCG DIET


The Most Common Errors Made on "HCG Phase II" of the HCG Diet

There are a few places on the HCG Diet where patients need to be careful.  This is a very specific diet that needs to be followed almost exactly as outlined to have the amazing results that can be.  Just a couple of minor cheats on this program can create quite a set back on the scale. 


One thing that patients on the HCG diet need to watch closely is the labels on spices and seasonings. We advise our patients to read all labels to be sure that there are no sugars, carbs, starches, sugar alternatives, etc. in their potential food choices.


It is also important to weigh out the allowed proteins and be sure it is 100 grams or 3.5 ounces in its raw form.


Mixing up to two vegetables is usually okay although if a patient is having a long stall (more than 3-4 days) we will have them eat only one HCG Diet phase II vegetable per meal.

The Importance of Loading on the HCG Diet

Time and time again we see patients who have a lot of fear around loading on the loading phase of the HCG Diet.  If loading is not done properly, we often find that our patients will be hungry the first week.  Loading the body with fat the first 2 days on the HCG Diet is important to do as the HCG builds up in your body before you begin the low calorie phase of the HCG Diet.   There is a strong correlation between those patients that load correctly in the first 2 days of the HCG Diet and those that do not.

Moisturizers and Creams on the HCG Diet

Many topical fats found in lotions and creams can be absorbed by the skin and utilized by the body.  On the HCG Diet, we want the body to be using your own fat stores for fuel and not those from external sources.   It is important to choose oil free moisturizers. Absorbed fat from lotions can disrupt the way HCG is working in your body along with the HCG Diet and weight loss may stall.


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