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Celebrating my Life After the HCG Diet Protocol

June 23, 2015
Losing weight on the HCG Diet was one of the best decisions that I have made in my lifetime
Losing weight on the HCG Diet was one of the best decisions that I have made in my lifetime

The Events that Led me to Doing the HCG Diet Protocol


It was the eve of my 60th birthday celebration last June and I recall sitting in my bedroom in a panic about seeing all of these friends and family members that I had not seen in some time.  Over the past 3 years, I had put on 50 lbs. I had let my guard down and ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and did not make time for exercise.  I sat there immersed in these feelings of shame and guilt.  I felt terrible and embarrased about my body and I really was not feeling good at all.  I knew I needed to move beyond this place.  I was depressed and the weight needed to go.  I quickly decided that this was the year I was going to face my fears and stop using food to bandaid emotional issues, boredom and the need for a reward.  My daughter had done the HCG Diet at The Natural Path in Portland, Oregon the year prior and lost 34 lbs that she had gained in her 30's after having 3 children.  She looked great, felt wonderful, exercised daily and ate a diet that seemed kind of boring to me (but she loved it).


Getting Started on the HCG Diet Program


Two weeks later, I was sitting at The Natural Path waiting to have my first appointment to begin the HCG Diet. I was nervous about injections, nervous about being able to let go of junk food and really scared I would fail at this and fall deeper into this downward spiral.  As soon as Dr. Cara came out to greet me, I instantly felt better. Her warmth, compassion, kindness and acceptance made me feel so comfortable.  She was inspiring and motivating and I left KNOWING that I could make this happen and I felt supported by the Dr. Cara and all of the staff at her office.


I began the journey and it was not as hard as I had thought.  In fact, after the 4th day I began to have more energy, I was not hungry and I really enjoyed eating from the limited list of foods. I was always prepared and brought food with me if I needed to.  I began seeing the weight come down on the scale daily and it was so motivating.  After two weeks, I could see and feel the changes in my body which was even more motivating.  I kept with it for 6 weeks and in that time I lost 33 lbs.  I felt wonderful!  My skin was clear, my vision improved and I was wearing clothes I had not been able to touch for a year.  Two months later in the Fall of 2014, I began my second round and in 6 weeks I lost 27 lbs.  I felt amazing!!!  I began exercising with a trainer at the gym since I could not self motivate and by Christmas time I was down a total of 63 lbs.  With my dietary changes and new exercise routine, I am now weighing in at 143 lbs.  When I began this journey last June, I was a whopping 204 lbs. 


What I Learned from the HCG Diet Program


 Honestly, after the HCG Diet Program my diet was forever different. I realized how horrible processed food made me feel. My cravings were now for clean, lean protein and vegetables.  I love vegetables of all kinds. I learned to cook my own food in such simple, easy ways.  I learned to wait until I was hungry to eat and to stop eating once I was satisfied.  I learned how I could eat moderates amount of fat and not gain an ounce!  I learned how to exercise and got to feel the benefits of sticking to an exercise routine. I feel strong now. I feel alive.  I can truly say that I feel better in my 60's than I have for most of my life!!


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